Columnist hits Trillanes on his latest meltdown: Trillanes probably thought he would score easy points against Duterte

Veteran writer and columnist Jojo Robles lambasted Senator Antonio Trillanes in his lates article which discussed about the latest meltdown of the senator.

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Being one of the furious critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, Trillanes in his BBC HARDTalk Show spoke ill things about the President which made the anchor Stephen Sackur knocked him down.

Robles said the BBC talk show has made its research about the president which made the humiliation of Trillanes for speaking insignificant things about the war on drugs.

"Asked about the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines, Trillanes came up with the totally incredible and unsupported claim that the number of drug addicts was a lot less than what Duterte and his officials are saying. He even denied that “shabu”—known abroad as crystal meth—was the drug of choice in the Philippines, saying that marijuana was actually the most abused narcotic in the land," said Robles.

Sackur lambasted Trillanes when he wasn't able to defend what ademocrat was and answered he belonged to the nacionalista party.

"Trillanes probably thought he would score easy points against Duterte in an interview with yet another clueless foreign journalist. Little did he know that Sackur and his team actually wanted to get to the bottom of Trillanes’ opposition to the president," Robles added.

Robles concluded to expect Trillanes to keep trying to redeem himslef after his meltdown by making even more and more outlandish accusations against Duterte.

Trillanes finally speaks on the good thing about Duterte

One of the most vociferous critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV answered questions from netizens in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit.

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Upon hearing the question if he could give a good thing  about President Duterte , the senator balked at giving a positive answer

"Good thing? He is a good propagandist," said Trillanes  after saying Duterte's first year in office is an 'epic failure'.

When the moderator asked about anything he approves the president has done, the Senator admitted he approved of Duterte's smoking ban.

"Probably his no smoking policy," he said referring to the executive order signed last month banning smoking in public places.

Despite the positive answers he said about the president, Trillanes remained critical of Duterte during the AMA session even using a lighthearted question to take a shot at the president.

Malacañang meanwhile had earlier ignored Trillanes' comments about the first year of Duterte as president.

Trillanes has been critical of Duterte even before the latter won the presidency, alleging that the former Davao City mayor owned bank accounts that contained unexplained wealth. Duterte has denied the allegations, even calling Trillanes "ignorant".

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Trillanes names Duterte's most trusted cop operating the Ph death squad

Senator Antonio Trillanes named a certain Supt. Leonardo who belongs to Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Class 1996, is the person operating and financing the alleged Philippine Death Squad founded by no other than President Rodrigo Duterte.

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The senator who has been also the greatest critic of Duterte said this claim after he received an information about Leonardo who leads a group of alleged rouge policemen responsible for the extrajudicial killings (EJKs) of suspected drug dealers and drug users.

"Based on the information that we got there is a PNPA class which leads this activity. We identified one of them as (a certain) Supt. Leonardo. He is their point person. I forgot the first name," said Trillanes in a media forum.

He also said that Leonardo's men are active PNP members pointing out that it isn't Dela Rosa who leads the group.

Trillanes announced that the information came from PNP senior commanders who are involved in the operations.

He said that the alleged Leonardo can approach Duterte directly due to their close ties and to his son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

The senator has claimed that Leonardo is the Sonny Buenaventura of Duterte's Philippine Death Squad which was mentioned by self-cpnfessed hired killer SPO3 Arthur Lascanas who paid him P3 million for the assassination plot of broadcaster Jun Pala in 2003.

Trillanes gave this statement when sought to comment on the move of DOJ Chief Vitaliano Aguirre II to downgrade from murder to homicide the charges against Marcos and 18 other officers involved in the killings of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinos last November 2016.

"Naniniwala ako na utos ito ni President Duterte,"said Trillanes.

Source: Inquirer,  PoliticsPhilippine News Now

Trillanes comments on Duterte's health state: Ang masamang damo hindi agad namamatay

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV believes that President Rodrigo Dutete will have a long time to go.

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In a news forum held at the Senate, Duterte's greatest critic said Duterte is healthy but criticized his refusal to reveal his true medical state as well  whereabouts during his five-days absence last week.

"Habang nakikita ko sya, ang presumption dyan ay sya malusog at kaya nyang gampanan ang kanyang tungkulin. Hindi ako gaano nakatutok dyan at alam nyo may kasabihan eh, yung mga masamang damo hindi agad namamatay. So I believe mahaba haba pa buhay ni Pres. Duterte," said Trillanes.

According to Trillanes, the president's health is a national concern as stipulated under the 1987 Constitution Section 12, Article VII stating in case of serious illness of the president, the public shall be informed of his state health.

Trillanes added that it should be  a national interest not because people want him to know if he's dying but it's because of what the law says.

"Kagaya nito, pumunta sya ng incognito sa byahe, sa akin eh being a President dapat eh responsible ka sa mga actions mo. Kung anong mangyari sa kanya eh mamumublema yung buong bansa. Pero yung mga ganyan eh gusto nya, yungmga ganyang story propagating na parang ordinaryo syang tao," Trillanes added.

He also emphasized that whether the public should believe Duterte's reason that he was only resting and went with his work in secret need not be made an issue.

Trillanes also criticized Duterte to be true to his words because it  has been his habit to make people guess if he's telling the truth or not.

Indonesian President Widodo calls Duterte to discuss Marawi crisis, says Palace

Product of improved international ties, maybe?

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Days before month-long Marawi City crisis, Indonesian President Joko Widodo had called President Rodrigo Duterte over the phone to reaffirm Indonesia's commitment to the Philippines as extremists to continue to pound a southern Philippines City.

According to a Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella during a press conference, Widodo called Duterte on June 21 around 7:30 in the evening to reiterate Indonesia's commitment to help the Philippines in fighting with and restoring peace and stability in the southern part of the country.

Abella added both of the leaders expressed the need to step up and address threats posted by terrorism and violent extremism in the region.

The Filipino and Indonesian leaders also noted the importance of the trilateral meeting with Malaysia that will happen in Manila on June 22, Abella said.

The Indonesian foreign ministry announced on Tuesday said foreign ministers and security officials of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines will meet in Manila to discuss the ongoing crisis in Marawi City and its impact on the region.

Duterte told reporters in Cagayan de Oro City on Tuesday that he would ask “many questions” to Widodo during their phone call as apparently, many foreign fighters allegedly on the ground with local terror groups in Marawi City were from Indonesia.

The emergence of groups pledging allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seems to have become the biggest security problem to face the year-old Duterte administration.

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Duterte earns praise all over the globe for his epic response to a journalist

President Rodrigo Duterte earned massive praise from netizens all over the globe for his tough but emotional response to a journalist who asked him about the rising number of killings in the Philippines.

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In a press briefing, a UK Correspondent based in Asia named Jonathan Miller asked Duterte about the alleged 'national death squad' who kills criminals in the country without complying to legal processes.

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"The number of people who've been killed in the Philippines since you came into power 6 weeks ago have risen to around a thousand. Now I know you have been contemptuous of your critics but they are accusing you of unleashing a national death squad. Where is this going to end? Because some are saying that the social fabric of the Philippines is at risk here," said Miller in the media briefing.

On the other hand, the president gave a lengthy yet powerful response to the question pointing out that no matter what will happen, Duterte himself will take the responsibility of these alleged killings.

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"In the distant past no police will ever work and risk their lives. It was a practice before that's why I said I take full responsibility because they are now encouraged and brave enough to have shoot off. The standard practice in this system of government is tat when you accuse him, they would always file a counter charge," Duterte answered.

The former mayor also shared his experience in dealing with this kind of discipline when he ruled Davao City.

"When I was a mayor, I told them go ahead, do your duty. But if you feel that you're carrying out your duty, you will get killed. My God, shoot him first," he added.

Duterte also compared the killings during the past administration and up to presnet saying that those people who killed in the past were innocent people.

"Compare to the number of deaths of the drug personalities during my administration to the previous administration, and you will realize that the number of deaths is the same. It's just that, those who were killed in the past were the innocent ones," he said.

Watch the video below!

When CNN Philippines uploaded the video on social media platform Facebook, netizens all over the globe praised Duterte for taking a brave stand on the topic which left the journalist speechless.

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Duterte hits back on De Lima, Pangilinan: They're only waiting for me to die

President Rodrigo Duterte went straightforward to opposition Senators Leila De Lima and Kiko Pangilinan for concerning their lives over the whereabouts of his health state.

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The president said De Lima who is now detained at Camp Crame over drug-related charges, is waiting for him to die.

"Si De Lima is only interested to hear my dying or death. She does not care if I live. Ang hinihintay lang niyang sabihin na namatay na si Duterte. Mag-ambak-ambak 'yan doon sa selya niya," said DUterte in an interview after his visit to the wounded soldiers in Cagayan de Oro.

He also doubt Pangilinan's concerned about his health the entire time he was out of  sight from the public eye.

"Si Pangilinan also. What they really care if I die today or tomorrow? If I get sick or tired? your only interest is to know where I am and whether or not I am dying or dead?" he stressed.

Duterte further said he is not convinced that Kiko is concerned about him.

The Liberal Party President earlier has urged Malacañang to disclose the state of Duterte's health, saying it is part of the public trust.

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Duterte dares De Lima to stay in Mindanao

President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged his greatest critic, Senator Leila de Lima to live in Mindanao after giving a statement that the declaration of martial law was unnecessary to defeat the Maute terrorist group.

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During the visit of President to the quarters of wounded soldiers, Duterte said the situation in Mindanao is far from safe.

"There's always a bomb everyday exploding in Mindanao," he said.

Duterte slammed De Lima for saying that other areas aren't affected with the Marawi siege but she forgot what happened to Davao CIty explosion that killed many people.

"And baka nakalimutan ng mga tao diyan na mas bright. For example si De Lima, na bakit daw yung ibang lugar? she forgot that Davao City suffered an explosion killing so many people," Duterte emphasized.

He also said the progress of the military in clearing Marawi City of members of the Maute group does not signify that Mindanao will soon be a safe zone since there are still "pocket wars" going on.

Duterte then challenged De Lima to transfer in Mindnao so that they will know how dangerous it is.

"And I suggest that they transfer here. Dito sila magtira ng bahay o patirahan ko isla ng mga bahay na kilala ko, nagsialisan. And they should know how it is dangerous," Duterte addressed to his critics.

De Lima earlier said the military was capable of defeating the Maute group even without the declaration of martial law in Mindanao.

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Netizen warns BBM supporters to be aware of Drilon's scheme to tilt votes from Iloilo for electoral protest

A Facebook post which talks about the new scheme of Liberal Party to block evidences for Bongbong Marcos' electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

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Manuel Mejorda, published his post earlier on June 21 pointing out that Drilon or "Porky pig"  has issued instructions to his operators to gain access to ballot boxes from Iloilo Province to destroy evidence of their massive cheating in the last elections, especially for the Vice Presidential position.

"If you want to protect your candidate, you have to make sure that this evil scheme of Porky Pig will be thwarted and allow the safe transport of the ballot boxes to the PET in Manila without being disturbed," Mejorada said.

The netizen emphasized that the vote coming from Iloilo province can tilt the balance in favor of BBM.

"Based on information I have gathered, Leni Robredo did beat BBM in Iloilo. But the cheating machinery of the LP shaved about 100,000 from BBM and added the number to Leni. Applying the "plus-minus" formula, this would put Leni and BBM on even footing at the least, or give BBM a slim margin," he added.

According to the netizen, manual recount of the paper ballots is still the most credible means to establish the massive fraud. Thus this calls for the highest vigilance.

As to this writing, Mejorada's post has already generated 769 different reactions from netizens.

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