Trillanes blames Gordon for the EJKs in Duterte's drug war

Senator Antonio Trillanes claims his colleague Dick Gordon has lost all credibility to lead impending probe kn the recent record of reported extrajudicial killings.

Basing from over 80 alleged drug suspects in Bulacan and Metro Manila, Trillanes said he will ask the Senate Majority Bloc on Tuesday to replace Gordon as the chair of Blue Ribbon Committee.

The opposition senator also said that Gordon had already concluded since last hear that there was no state-sponsored EJK of drug dealers and users.

Gordon also heads the Committee on Justice which probed the unabated EJK of suspected drug personalities.

Sen. Leila De Lima who is currently detained was oust by Manny Pacquiao and installed Gordon as the justice chair.

"Ang hihilingin ko dun sa mayorya ng mga senador ay palitan itong Sen. Gordon bilang blue ribbon committee chairman dahil nga kagaya ng nasabi ko last year pa itong isyu na yan pero binigyan niya ng conclusion na wala raw state-sponsored EJK," Trillanes exclaimed.

He added Gordon stopped the probe even there were witnesses from Commission in Human Rights who claimed that it is the Philippine National Police doing the alleged EJKs.

"Kaya hindi pwedeng magmalinis dito si Senator Gordon kasi yung dugo ay nasa kamay niya rito," said Trillanes.

He concluded EJKs should have been stopped last year

"We could have stopped this as early as last year. Pero ngayon eto na umabot, lumagpas na 10,000 ang patay."

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Group claims children are unsafe under Duterte admin

An alliance for child welfare warned the people that children are in danger under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte after the killing of a 17-year-old high school student during an alleged anti-illegal drugs operation of  Caloocan City Policemen earlier this week.

Salinlahi Alliance for Children's Concerns member Eule Rico Bonganay stressed the policemen are now competing to kill people even they are not identified as users or pushers.

"Police units are now in competition of killing not just suspected drug users and pushers but also claiming innocent lives. President Duterte makes it easier for the PNP to get away with murder with his promised protection. Nablaban has become a usual alibi together with tanim droga and tanim baril," said Bonganay.

In contrast to presidential spokesman Ernersto Abella's claim that the death of Kian Lloyd delos Santos in Caloocan was just an isolated case, Bonganay said the situation is a massacre of poor children and their families.

"Kian's death is not an isolated case, it is a systematic massacre, a mass murder of poor children and their families," he added.

Bonganay also mentioned the case of five-year old Danica May Garcia who died after two men looking for her grandfather enter their house in Pangasinan last year.

The president commented that Garcia's case is a collateral damage of the war on drugs.

Salinlahi Alliance has noted that more than 60 people have died in different police operations in Bulacan, Metro Manila and Cavite last week including Kian.

Source: Philstar

WATCH: PNP and AFP men walk out from alleged PR activity of Andy Bautista

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on August 18 launched the 1st Malolos Election Congress in Malolos,Bulacan to discuss issues in Barangay and SK elections.

However, the objective seemed to be forfitted since Comelec employees were gathered around Region III showing support to Comelec chair Andres Bautista.

"We support Chair Andy" was the statement imprinted in the t-shirts of the employees with a flag in their hands.

A prayer was offered or a peaceful upcoming elections.

On the other hand, when the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of The Philippines men walked out due to aleged PR Activity of the Comelec Chairman.

In a video footage aired by GMA News, Bulacan Provincial Director Senior Police Chief Superintendent Romeo Caramat Jr. together with his squad stood up from their seats and silently went out of the activity area.

"Yung PNP, critical ang parte dito, kaya alis muna kami," said Caramt in the ambush  interview.

Andy meanwhile, denied the allegations thrown by her estranged wife of her.

Watch The Video:

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LOOK: Photo of alleged Tish' payments to her husband Andy Bautista with signature went viral

Social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu uploaded a photo in her Facebook account which is an alleged payments of Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista's wife, Patricia Paz to him with his signature.

"Payments that Tisha makes to Andy Bautista, with his signature.What kind of husband charges interest on loans to his wife? For a credit card she uses to run the household and pay for their kids' tuition even when he has a job and she has no "real" one (she works for her mom)," said Chu in her caption.

The point of Chu's post according to her is to expose Andy's greed and corruption who has been a protector of the Liberal party.

"This is a crazy world. Ladies, go hug your boyfriends or husbands in gratitude that they are not Andy Bautista. The point of the post is: Let's expose Andy's greed and corruption and wrongdoings and his lies, and let's remove one more powerful person that is allied with LP and protects them," she added.

Krizette on the other hand is wishing for a cleaner next election if Andy will no longer be around.

"Next election, without him around, we will with hope have a cleaner election that reflects the true will of the people. And we will have no more Josephine Satos to remove the Judy Taguiwalos of this world."

As to this wriring, the said post has generated 3800 reactions.

Below is Krizette Laureta Chu' full Facebook post:

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Fearless Blogger explains reasons why Leni is not fit for DSWD Sec post

Social media blogger and writer Krizette Laureta Chu explained why Vice President Leni Robredo is not suitable to be the next Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary after Judy Taguiwalo was rejected by the Commission on Appointments earlier this week.

Using het Facebook account, Chu wrote an open letter addressed to LP supporters saying seven specific reasons why she should not be the one who will take over.

Chu mentioned Leni is a woman who didn't find a way to buy five tickets back to the Philippins when her home province was battered by Typhoon Nina and associated it to resourcefulness claiming that it is one of important traits of a DSWD Chief.

"Ergo, no resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is a very very important traint in a DSWD secretary because many times, especially in situations of grave danger or utmost need, they have to be able to think on their feet. Leni is the kind of person who will blame everything and everyone except herself. No sense of accountability. Go through her interviews. Kasalanan ng lahat, kasalanan ni Marcos. Sya Lang ang wala. Our Lady of Naga," explained Krizette.

She added the incident that her office, OVP claimed the credit for a water truck that it was dispensed by the Coca-Cola company.

"Ergo, credit grabbing. Ergo, egoistic. Both qualities shouldn't be present in a position that is so service oriented. Can you imagine Leni making everything all about her? How can we know kung nakakatulong nga ang taxes natin kung pati private efforts iclaiclaim. Also: Leni is the kind who thinks organizing thru texting is already enough."

With regards to Leni's former post, Krizette said she hasn't achieved a thing as HUDCC head.

"Ergo, no sense of urgency. Six months, and nothing. You go to Leyte and ask to see any structure she has built during her time as head. Wala. Premium among a DSWD chief's qualities is being quick on her toes. Urgency. Leni has zero sense of urgency. Tamad, kumbaga. See also: refusing to go home during Typhoon Nina. Sabi pa ni Miranda, "by all means, move at a glacial pace." Si Leni yon," she emphasized.

Leni accordig to Chu is also a bitch about the president. "Ergo, no sense of teamwork. In any natural disaster, a good DSWD Secretary has to learn to cross partisan lines. You shouldn't care if a mayor is yellow or red or whatever, you work with them for the benefit of the people. Mar Roxas and PNOY failed in Leyte because they couldn't work with a Romualdez. Leni is the same."

On her fifth point, Krizette said Leni has no nationalistic pride cting her palit-ulo statement delivered to the United Nations.

"Ergo, pathetic. Remember when she told the UN about "palit ulo?" Apart from the fact that she has no sense of teamwork for the betterment of the PH, Leni has no qualms in insulting her own country for her own personal reasons. Judy has never begged any country for help kahit na ilang unos at lindol ang dumating sa atin. Bet tayo si Leni I exaggerate pa para makahuthot sa ibang bansa because #TRAGEDYislife."

" Loves the good life too much. LV. Ferragamo. Travels. Expensive schools. Medyo mahirap ang maluhong DSWD secretary," she said on her sixth point.

According to Krizette the most important is her seventh point which is for LP to redeem the failure of Yolanda Funds.

"SAY GOODBYE TO ANY POSSIBILITY NA PAG BAYARAN NG LP YUNG PAGKAWALA NG YOLANDA FUNDS! SA TINGIN NYO LENI WILL LOOK FOR ACCOUNTABILITY AMONG HER OWN PROTECTORS? BOOKING LENI ROBREDO after JUDY TAGUIWALO is like watching CYNTHIA PATAG sing right after witnessing LEA SALONGA on BROADWAY. Eh buti naman kung maglindol at bumagyo kayo lang ang matatamaan di ba? Di pa kayo nakuntento sa Dinky Soliman ninyo," she concluded.

As to this  wiriting, Krizette's post has generated 2400 reactions from netizens.

Below is Krizette's full Facebook post:

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WATCH: Shame on you Trillanes, says netizen thru song

A video of a netizen singing a composed song about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV went viral which was about the things he have done wrong.

The said video uploaded in Smule, a website for songs, Dolores Borres entitled the song 'Fernando'.

"Anong nangyari antonio, yan ang tanong ng netizens. ANong nangyari antonio, nagmukha kang tanga antonio.  Parang ang impormasyon sa Pinas ay kay layo-layo. Nilampaso ka ng anchor sa interview," said in the first verse of Boress' song.

"I was afraid Antonio, bawat sagot mo sa interview ay sumasablay. Ang sayang panoorin."

Dolores put the happenings  wayback in Trillanes' interview with Stephen Sackur of BBC HARD TALK in which he was asked if his affiliation is democrat but he didn't answer it correctly.

"Paano na yan Antonio yung kasong na file mo laban sa pangulo.Maging si Sackur hindi kumbinsido sayo. Paano ka na Antonio," the song further stated.

Watch the Video below:

Source: Dolores Borres | Smule

Senators Gordon, Sotto says no enough evidence to link Paolo Puterte in shabu shipment

Senators Richard Gordon and Tito Sotto III believe that there's not enough evidence to prove that Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte has direct involvement in the shipment issue of P6.4 billion worth of illegal drugs from China into the Philippines.

In an ambush interview after Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing, Gordon said he has not found any evidence to prove the allegation against the presidential son.

The committee headed by Gordon resumed on August 15 and discussed about the shipment o 605 kilograms of shabu what went past the inspection of Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Sotto, on the hand, said there's no sufficient basis for the committee to invite Paolo on the next hearing.

“No basis at all. The chairman himself knows it’s purely hearsay. What if somebody comes here and says that (former President Benigno Aquino III) is involved in the delivery of whatever, patatawag mo kagad si Noynoy? Hindi pwede yun. Lalo na hindi sya yung direct, may nagsabi lang daw,” he said.

Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes earlier presented to the panel such photots of businessman and the middleman in the shabu shipment, Kenneth Dong with Paolo and his brother Baste Duterte.

Paolo said Dong is just an aqcuaintance.

Broker Mark Taguba also said he had no personal knowledge that Paolo was behind the Davao Group in the Customs.

Source: InquirerGMA Network

Karma hits hard: CJ Corona doctrine might impeach Bautista and Robredo, BBM seats in the end

Political analyst and columnist, Anotnio Contreras on remembering former Justice chief Renato Corona said he died a broken man due to the directive of a vengeful President whose family's largesse was diminished by the court which was led by the ex-chief.

The Political Science professor claimed the impeachment of Corona is a political process however influenced by ex-President Noynoy Aquino due to his family interest in Hacienda LUisita.

"Corona died a broken man because a Congress dominated by the Liberal Party (LP) did the bidding of former President Aquino to punish Corona for presiding over a Court that ruled against his family’s interests in Hacienda Luisita. He was impeached by a Congress that acted at the behest of selfish and partisan political interests, and not to render justice as the people’s representatives," said Contreras.

On the other hand, the columnist said the death of Corona is a karmic justice for the lLiberal Party which may give favor to losing Vice President Bet, Bongbong Marcos after Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chair is now facing issues of ill-gotten wealth.

"However, the certainty of abuse of power in the hands of the selfish, greedy and corruptible can only be matched by another certainty in life: karma. There is a pending impeachment complaint filed against sitting Vice President Leni Robredo who is now the LP chair. While there are several grounds invoked, the most damning, and in my opinion the strongest, is her failure to correctly declare as an asset the value of her Meralco shares of stocks."

"And now we have Andres Bautista, the chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), who is being accused of having deposits in a thrift bank which he did not declare in his SALN Using the Corona precedent, Andres Bautista must and should be impeached. And again, Drilon provided the nail that can seal Bautista’s doom," he  added.

Contreras said Bautista is not an LP member however he bears the credibility of the 2016 elections.

"The prospect for karmic justice is indeed so fascinating. Renato Corona suffered injustice when he was convicted on a mere misdeclared SALN. This has become a weapon to impeach Leni Robredo and Bautista, and may just end up favoring Bongbong Marcos in his quest to unseat Leni Robredo," he concluded.

Source: Manila Times

WATCH: Lawyer says Bautista's brother has admitted 8 crimes the Comelec chair has done

The legal adviser of Mrs. Patricia Bautista claims the brother of Comission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista, Martin Bautista may have disclosed several violations of his brother stipulated in the Code of Conduct for Government Officials including failure to disclose business interest.

Atty. Lorna Kapunan, the legal counsel of Patricia, said Martin's admission that he does not know the particulars of their family's wealth becasue Andy is the family treasurer indicated the Comelec chief failed to disclose business interest and financial connections as requested by law.

The lawyer explained these matters should be included in the Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN).

"There is a requirement that you divest. Not only did he not disclose, he did not divest. There is no disclosure at  all that he is stockholder, treasurer, advisor of his family companies. None at all. Yung unexplained wealth kung pwedeng i-explain nila, parang may admission na may non-disclosure," said Kapunan during an interview with ANC Headstart.

She added through the admission of Martin, it also implies Andy did not file his taxes correctly.

Kapunan claimed Bautista could face charges for soliciting or acceptinh gifts directly following revelations by Tish of a commission sheet wherein names of lawyers who allegedly paid the Comele chief was stated.

"The Comelec chief said these are not commissions but referral fees. The documents speak for themselves. The documents will show that referrals are made and referral fees or commissions were paid during his present term as Comelec chair. That again is a violation because these law firms giving referrals have election practice or clients who are candidates or have been candidates. It involves the practice of election laws," she added.

Tish earlier this month revealed she found documents and passbooks that could prove that his husband  has undeclared assets amounting to P1 billion.

The Comelec chair however denied the allegations of his wife.

Below is the interview Atty. Kapuan. Please watch;

Source: ABS-CBN News