Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte to Jim Paredes: Tumatanda po kayo ng paurong

Presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte slammed veteran singer regarding his attitude during the EDSA Revolution anniversary.

Using her Facebook post, Jocellyn said she met him years ago during the Apo days and actually a relative of her late husband.

“Being a celebrity he always carried an air of self importance bordering on arrogance,” Duterte added.

According to her, Paredes didn’t change at all. “This man would never learn the virtue of humility, much less his egoistic tendencies that he has the monopoly of what is right and wrong, and a sense of self importance. I ME MYSELF.”

Jocellyn also emphasized that Paredes is not improving at all.

“Mr. Paredes tumatanda po kayo ng paurong,” she concluded.

Jocellyn Duterte's full Facebook post

Mocha Uson: EDSA commemoration turned into an anti-Duterte protest

MTRCB board member and columnist Mocha Uson exclaimed the EDSA commemoration seemed to be an anti-Duterte protest in her article published under the Philippine Star of February 28.

In her article, the avid Duterte supporter emphasized the first people power manifested the Filipino people when united, they could send a strong message for themselves, however, the 31st anniversary was the opposite since ey tried to use the event to present President Duterte as the next Marcos. They were there to send a message that there is a threat to our democracy without any consideration to the fact that the President has protected and still protects their right to protest even if the rallies they organized are against Duterte.

“It seems that the EDSA commemoration turned into an anti-Duterte protest. They can deny all they want, but with all the recent attacks against the President, the call for the presence of the people at the EDSA “commemoration” and the use of the Catholic church just like before, it also appears that they intended it to be more than just recalling the revolution 31 years ago. I, for one, believe that their intention was also to celebrate their return to power if they had succeeded. Their plan, of course, failed because they didn’t have the most important ingredient. They lacked something that was vital to the first EDSA revolution: The support of the Filipino people,” Mocha said.

On the other hand, Mocha also said the pro-Dutertes are greater in number rather than the opposition.

“To make it more simple, the message of the Filipino people to these yellow politicians is this: We don’t trust you, we don’t support you, and we will no longer be puppets that you can use for your own agenda and selfish ambitions; it is now the time for the Filipino people,” she added.

Mocha exclaimed at the end of her article that the yellowtards’ time is already done, and it is now the time fpr the Filipino people to have a better Philippines.

[Source: Philstar | Mocha Uson]

Duterte youth members receive 'Republic Defender' pin after Paredes confrontation

Solicitor General Jose Calido awarded Duterte Youth members with Republic Defender Pin on February 27 after their controversial enocounter with veteran singer Jim Paredes during the EDSA Anniversary last Febryary 25.

Image from ABS-CBN News

The group was commended by Calida and remarked they were 'aggrived' after what Paredes did.

Ronald Gian Cardema, Duterte Youth leader and Duterte fan said they brought courage as they attended the EDSA commemoration.

"Tinatagan namin ang loob namin kahit kaunti kami, kase we're here to show support to the president of the land," one of the members said.

A confrontation took place between Paredes and the group during the EDSA 31st anniversary.

Watch: Duterte Youth Group Member Gives Message To Jim Paredes After Their Confrontation

Alongside with this was the tweet of Paredes saying he had an enjoyable confrontation to shut them up.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]

WATCH: Duterte youth group member gives message to Jim Paredes after their confrontation

A member of the Duterte Youth Group gave a message to veteran Singer Jim Paredes after their confrontation during the EDSA anniversary commemoration.

In an interview with TV5, Ronald Cardema thanked Paredes for making him famous all over the internet.

"Sir Jim, thank you very much for showing your concerns and thanks kasi nag viral tayo," the youth member slammed Jim.

He also gave a message to the Filipino people saying "Sa mga sambayanang Pilipino, suportahan po natin ang ating President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, strong man of Asia at Commander-in-Chief ng Armed Forces of The Philippines at Philippine National Police."

Netizens lauded Ronald for having good manners and also his parents for raising him well.


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LOOK: The new Nokia 3310 features includes colored screen and snake

Come back is real! This is the best statement for Nokia 3310, a vintage phone launched 13 years ago as it will be back in the market.
Image from

According to Yugatech, Nokia's HMD Global has announced a reprisal of the said vintage phone now with a colored screen and multiple colors.

Nokia 3310 (2017) is 2.4 inch curved window with polarized layer, 16MB internal storage, expandable 32gb microSD, 2MP rear camera, FM radio, and more.

Legendary snake game is also included in its feature and will be sold for Php2,400.

Nokia 3310 (2017) specs:
  • 2.4-inch curved window with polarized layer,
  • 16MB internal storage
  • expandable via microSD up to 32GB
  • 2MP rear camera
  • 2G
  • Single-SIM, Dual-SIM
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 Player
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Nokia Series 30+
  • Removable 1200 mAh battery
  • 15.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm
More Photos of the new Nokia 3310:
Image from

Image from

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WATCH: Jim Paredes calls Duterte's accomplishments as 'barya'

Veteran singer Jim Paredes belittled the accomplishments that President Rodrigo Duterte has done in his months as president.

In a video uploaded in Bongbong Marcos Loyalist, Paredes quoted  Duterte has no word of honor since he didn't fulfill his promise to finish everything in 6 months.

"He came to his 7th month, yet what happened?" Paredes said.


Sass Sasot criticizes Jim Paredes: Ugaling HACIENDA EDSA. Hwag tularan.

Political analyst and avid Duterte supporter Sass Rogando Sasot slammed Jim Paredes regardin his tweet saying that the opposition was provoked by the administration.

On February 26, Jim said on his tweet "@japanesedoll888 they disrespected us by even being there. They wanted to provoke. They have the right. Sure. I have the right to engage them."

Sass posted a screen capture of his tweet pointing people shouldn't be like Jim Paredes.

"Mga kasama, if people who don't share our beliefs are also present sa lugar kung saan meron tayong gatherings, please hwag tayong maging Jim Paredes," Sass said in her caption.

According to her, she can't stand what he said that the people disrespected them by being there.

"Ugaling hacidenda edsa, wag tularan," Sass added.


MUST WATCH! Senyora slams Jim Paredes: Punyet* yan, punyet* yan

A trending Facebook page of Duterte supporters lambasted veteran singer Jim Paredes on his live video amidst his opinion on Duterte administration.

On February 25, the day of commemorating Edsa Revolution, Jim Paredes slammed President Rodrigo Duterte and pointing about his shortcomings and responsibility on the killings in the country.

New "Senyora" Facebook page (admin) answered him back with anger saying he's trying to hold his temper.

"Kinakalma ko sarili ko kase ayaw kong mag mura Punyeta yan, punyeta yan," the senyora facebook page administrator said in the live video pointing out Paredes.

According to this guy, he's been wanting to slam Paredes for long now because of his non sense opinion towards Duterte including his supporters.

"Dinuduro-duro ang mga supporters ni Duterte, akala mo kung sino. Sinasabi pa nya na si Duterte daw ang responsable sa mahigit 10000 killings. Ano klaseng tanong yan, katangahan yan di ba," he added.

At the end of his post, he thanked all the viewers and encouraged all Duterte supporters to be firm and believe in the administration.


LOOK: 3 sea creatures that might be a sign of upcoming disaster goes viral

Maybe it's a sign of unusual things that are coming. This became the reaction of netizens after the appearance of three sea creaturea within the shore of the Philippine coastal areas alongside with the earthquake happened in Surigao.

A netizen named Miggy Mori Jr. from Surigao uploaded a post featuring the Trunko (Globster) which has been found in Dinagat Island, the oarfish in Carmen, Agusan Del Norte, and sunfish which are all living in the deepest and middle part of the ocean respectively.

"The three sea creatures that were found anywhere in the Philippines. Bakit sila naglalabasan? Some native people said it's a sign of ununusal things coming. Creepy," Mori said in his caption.

Up to date there are already 13 oarfish found in the coastlines of the country. In the Japanese folklore, this creature indicates a great disaster coming. When tsunami happened in Japan last 2012, almost 20 oarfish appeared in their area on December 2011.