WATCH! President Duterte thanks his supporters for their well wishes: Maligaya akong naalala niyo ako

President Rodrigo Duterte extended his gratitude to his well wishers for his 72nd birthday through a video message.

Duterte acknowledged the MRRD throughout the Philippines, a group who made him run in the last 2016 presidential election.

"Sa lahat ng MRRD sa buong Pilipinas, isang grupong nagluklok sa aking tumakbo sa pagka presidente. Maraming salamat sa inyo at nawa namay nasa mabuting kalagayan kayo, your health and everybody is comfortable and happy," Duterte said.

The president also mentioned that it has been his tradition to spend his birthday in his home in Davao City just sleeping the whole day and together with his family.

"I'm honored by your greetings. Nakaugalian ko na rin tuwing birthdah ko natutulog lang po ako sa bahay and my children and grandchildren are here. Maligaya sila. At maligaya rin akong naalala niyo ako. Maraming salamat po."

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Netizens are shock after WAC’s unfolds another expose on Jesse Robredo’s plane crash

Netizens were shocked after the Facebook page which popularized #NagaLeaks unfolded another expose but this time regarding the death of the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo.

According to the facebook page We Are Collective (WAC), the fateful day in August 2012 which was the day of Jesse’s death, before his plane crashed, he collected payoffs.

“On that fateful day in August 2012, nang bumagsak ang eroplanoni Jesse sa karagatan ng Masbate, galling sya ng Cebu to attend PNP event. Truth is nangolekta si tito mo kaya from commercial bigla nagbook ng chartered flight,” WAC narrated.

WAC also said when the plane crashed, money were scattered in the ocean which made Mar Roxas and PNoy Aquino panic.

“Aksidente talaga yung nangyari. Karma nga sa wari namin. Before you know it, Jesse is a saint. The consensus is shared by everyone and everybody seemed satisfied with the outcome,” WAC pointed out Jesse got what he deserved.

At the end of WAC’s post, they advised the president to look and investigate for Jesse’s former bodyguard. “Kung kami si Presidente Duterte, ipapahanap naming yung body guard ni Jesse na pulis na tumalon sa eroplano. Si Abrazado. Pinatahimik nila yun at pinigilan mainterview ng media. Malamang nasuhulan o tinakot.”

WAC reveals how Aquino together with Roxas allegedly used DAP for the 2016 election

Aside from the revelation of the truth behind Jesse Robredo’s death, another expose from We are Collective (WAC) on Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is now viral all over social media platform, Facebook.

According to their recent post, ex-President PNoy Aquino, ex-DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, and ex-Budget Secretary Butch Abad, utilized the DAP to fund the 2016 election, in favor of the Liberal Party.

“Remember DAP? Dahil hindi matanggap at na shock si Mar na malakas si Binay sa mga LGU, ginamit nila ang DAP para mapalakas sila sa mga LGU at makontra si Binay sa 2016. They allocated 6.5 billion from the DAP fund for what is essentially a pork barrel-scheme- practically a giveway for local governments down to the municipal level,” WAC said.

WAC also mentioned what investigative reporter Bobby Tiglao said which was the fund was disguised as something intended to augment the internal revenue allotments of provincial and municipal governments which had fallen because of national government shortfalls in its revenues. The annual budget approved by Congress actually has a regular allocation for the LGU Support Fund of Php 200 million.

“In short, they were setting up the fund to boast their prospects in 2016 kung saan tatakbo si Mar pagkapangulo under LP. And jesse is his bastonero so to speak. E nung a dedbol si Jesse wala choice si Mar kundi pumalit dahil walang ibang mapagkatiwalaan sa mga ihianda nila,” WAC concluded.

Pro Robredo could be jailed after allegedly threatens to plant bombs during the pro-Duterte rally on April 2

Pro-Duterte supporters were alarmed after a news that a group will plant a bomb to disrupt their rally on April 2 went viral.

In a Facebook post published by user Lyn Ourvrier, she wrote they will be planting bombs at the Luneta Park in order to protect Vice President Leni Robredo against people who want to remove her from her throne.

The archive link showed that the Facebook username of Lyn Ouvrier is /WillynTrabajador/

The alleged plot was also revealed by another facebook page named Khayri Woulfe for President.

"Mga ka DDS alam na this! Ingat kayo sa gaganapin niyong rally sa April 2! Kapag may naganap na bomb scare o aktuwal na pagsabog, alam niyo na kung sino ang may kasalanan at kung sino ang kakasuhan," caption said in a shared post by Ouvrier.

Photo: Khayri Woulfe for President

The said Facebook page also claimed that Lyn Ourvier is only a Facebook dummy of Willyn Trabajador, a loyal Robredo supporter.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III believes that Ouvrier’s post can land her to jail.

Photo: Rafael Alunan III Facebook

Source: Pinoytrending

WATCH: Sen. Trillanes calls for President Duterte's attention: Ngayon namimilipit ka na harapin ang mga issue

Senator Antonio Trillanes challenged President Rodrigo Duterte to face the issues tagged to him specifically his alleged million bank account.

Trillanes emphasized the president isn't ready to address this issue despite his self proclaim bravery.

"Hindi niya maharap ang mga issue laban sa kanya. Kaya sakin ganito na lang, kung talagang matapang ka President Duterte, buksan mo na ang mga bank account mo ng magkaalaman na," he said.

The senator added the president is now afraid though he proclaimed that he was behind the DDS killings in Davao City

"Dati, inaamin mo na ikaw yung nasa likod ng DDS. Ikaw ang pumapatay sa Davao City pero ngayon namimilipit ka na harapin ang mga issue."

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PANOORIN kung paano nire-recycle ng Isang Tindera ang kwek-kwek sa Baclaran

Isang video ang viral ngayon sa social media na kung saan makikita ang isang lalaking tindera na nagrere-cycle ng kwek-kwek.

Sa mga di nakakaalam, ang kwek-kwek ay isang uri ng street foods. Ito ay itlog na binabalutan ng harina ta nilalagyan ng atsuwete o food colouring para  na kulay orange tsaka priniprito.

Ang viral na videong ito ay kuha ng isang netizen na nagngangalang Edward Evangelista. Ang video ay patuloy na kumakalat sa mga social media sites gaya ng Facebook at maging sa Youtube.

Sa video makikita na ang isang lalaking tindera na nakaupo a bangketa at tinatanggalan ng balat o ang harina ang kwek-kwek at ibinabad niya ito sa tubig bago ito sinasala.

Panoorin ang Video:

Source: ABS-CBN News

WATCH: Chocolate museum in Davao City, now open to the public

Another tourist attraction opened in Magalos, Davao City this week. The Magalos Chocolate Museum is an interactive museum which showcase the process how the people of Magalos come up with a deliciously fresh chocolates

"We want to share to the customers the story behind the Magalos chocolate. We have our farm, we grow our own beans, and we make it as a chocolate," Jaydee Duano, the manager said.

What makes this museum unique is that kids can also play using a bar of chocolate when operated can give an information.

People could also create their own chocolate according to the selection of condiments in one of the areas in the museum.

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OFW appeals to peole in EU to stop believing the likes of Leni and the LP

An OFW made an appeal to the people in Europe to stop being fooled by the likes of the Vice President Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party because they have been feeding the people with lies.

In a Facebook post, Jovybev Aquino uploaded photos of the New Bilibid Prison during Senator's Leila De Lima's term sa Department of Justice Secretary.

"Just so the world knows, this is what the senator De Lima is in jail fkr. Allowing first class amenities for the top drug lords inside a maximum security prison," Aquion said in a caption

According to Aquino, de Lima allowed women, bands, and even tbe installation of jacuzzi in the bilibid back then.

"Stop being fooled by the likes of our Vice President Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party, because they are all on the sams side as the incarcerated Senator, they have been feeding you lies. Do your research before you condemn us," she urged the people.

Below is the full post if Jovybev Aquino:
Just so the world knows, this is what the Senator Delima is in jail for. Allowing first class amenities for the top drug lords inside a maximum security prison, as the then Secretary of the Department of Justice, she allowed concerts, first class air-conditioned suites, cell phones, high powered rifles, jacuzzis, women and even joined some of the parties. She is not in jail as a political prisoner but because she is being tried for her connection in the illegal drug trade. The pictures posted here are just some of the proof of what she allowed during her tenure as DOJ Secretary, these have all been removed since Duterte became president.

Your requests to free her is the same as a Filipino asking you to release the most high profile drug lord in your jail right now.

Stop being fooled by the likes of our Vice President, Leni Robredo and the Liberal party, because they are all on the same side as that incarcerated Senator, they have been feeding you lies. Do your research before you condemn us.

Please share until it reaches people in Europe and others around the world who have been fooled by paid media and the Liberal Party.

Screenshot from Jovybev Aquino' Facebook post

Krizette Chu asks Leni Robredo: If you will die tomorrow, how will people remember you?

Writer and social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu asked the Vice President Leni Robredo how will people remember her if she will die tomorrow on her Facebook page, March 25.

Chu emphasized in her post Leni is too shortsighted to realize that her legacy will be shame and not something her family cannot be proud of.

Despite the lackings she have specially her articulation, the Liberal Party treats her important because she is someone whom they can control and fill up with their own ideas.

"She is too shortsighted to see she is overwhelmingly hated. She must, truly she must know that every 9 out of 10 Filipinos are happier now. Investors are coming in. And yet she insists we are suffering. How in the world are these information not getting inside that tepid brain of her," Chu slammed Leni.

Krizette advised Leni to wake up and smell the hatred the majority of Filipino have for her.

"You do not want to be remembered as the public official who blocked her dissenters; the symbol of women who allowed themselves to be used by powerful evil man; one of the few people changed to have tried to delay the much needed progress in the Philippines sorely needed," she concluded.

Below is the full Facebook post of Krizette Chu:

Most of us do not purposely create our legacies. We live our lives, follow our hearts, try to bravely do what our hearts tell us, and when we die, we are remembered by the collection of stories and memories that make up our lives.

Leni Robredo is too shortsighted to realize that, in her increasingly futile attempt to install herself as the President of the Philippines, her legacy will be of shame. She leaves her children and her children's children with a family name that they cannot be proud of. "The granddaughter of the usurper?" "Without her, we would have had more achievements as a country."

I am sure many politicians before her have tried to power grab--after all this is politics--but they did so with flair and subtlety and grace and cunning. Leni Robredo has none of that. She is the political equal of a literary fishwife: In your face, dramatic, stupid, annoying.

Leni Robredo wears LVs and Fendis, and tries to market herself as decent, upmarket, the choice for the glitterati, but there is nothing decent or classy about her. She is not graceful nor articulate nor empowered nor magnetic nor charming. She is not even well dressed, despite all the high-fashion and luxury brands, not that it matters. She is important to the Liberal Party because of these very same qualities: She is so devoid of her own personality and convictions, she is an empty vassal that can be filled by her bosses' ideals. She is a clean slate, and on Leni they can pour their plans, dreams, and evil aspirations. The second highest official in the land as tabula rasa, a clay that can be molded to their liking--this is the best thing ever. No wonder the LP is fighting hard to keep her there.

She is too shortsighted to see she is overwhelmingly hated. If I were a politician and people PAID actual money--money they worked hard to earn (unlike her oligarch-backed party, the donations come from workers who count every penny, not Marcos that I am sure of, despite her blind insistence and denial)--to see me get impeached, I would die of shame and embarassment. She must, truly she must, know that her approval rating is in the single digits. She must know that 9 out of 10 Filipinos are happier now. Every day the Duterte government adds more notches to its belt. Investors are coming. And yet she insists we are suffering. How in the world are these information not getting inside that tepid brain of hers?

People keep harping that it is Duterte who has a Messiahnic complex. Wrong. A lady who willfully ignores the people's happiness and insists they are miserable, and offers to step in as a wonderful alternative, she not only has a Messiahnic complex, she has delusions of grandeur. She and her little republic of maybe 100,000 supporters can have their own little kingdom, situated inside a bubble which they never got out of.

Leni Robredo, wake up and smell the hatred. You don't want your "legacy" this way. You do not want to be remembered as the public official who blocked her dissenters (finally, I am included in the rarefied list); the symbol of women who allowed themselves to be used by powerful, evil men; one of the few people charged to have tried to delay the much-needed progress the Philippines sorely need.

If you died tomorrow, Leni, how will the majority of Filipinos you claim you want to serve remember you?

A little introspection will make you realize that you would not like the answer.