Creepy! Woman possessed while watching 'The Conjuring 2' inside the theatre

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A video of a lady who is thought being controlled by a detestable soul has making rounds online. 

This happened inside a motion picture theater in Bandung,Indonesia where one of the viewers all of a sudden shouts with satanic voices when the film's credits roll. 

Alternate viewers around her are terrified and serenade supplications to cast out the element inside her. 

I was watching the movie when all of a sudden somebody screamed after being possessed. It was so scary, the whole theater [of people] ended up not watching the movie and the one who was possessed was escorted out of the theater.

Not only that, there was a 'The Conjuring 2'-related ghostly happening in Jakarta as well. This viral social media post supposedly shows a mysterious kuntilanak-like figure photobombing a happy group of moviegoers as they were about to watch ‘The Conjuring 2’ in South Jakarta’s One Belpark mall.-Malesh Banget(english translation by Coconuts Jakarta).

As per some netizens who have viewed the video, it was an old video dated 2013.Some said that it's only a showcasing ploy, while the others truly trusted that there was something in the movie,something paranormal when you attempted to watch "The Conjuring 2".

Watch the video below:

Source: Viral Phiilppines