Philippines as the 20th happy place in the world

Philippines as the 20th happy place in the world
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HAPPY Philippines!

According to the Happy Planet Index (HPI) report of think tank New Economic Foundation (NEF), the Philippines has ranked 20th happiest place in the world with an HPI score of 35.0.

The HPI report for 2016 included 140 countries.

The HPI was measured according to well-being (where residents were asked on how they feel about life overall, on a scale from zero to ten); life expectancy (average number of years a person in each country is expected to live); inequality of outcomes (“the inequalities between people within a country, in terms of how long they live, and how happy they feel”); and ecological footprint of the citizens of the country.

NEF said the HPI “measures what matters: sustainable wellbeing for all” showing “how well nations are doing at achieving long, happy, sustainable lives.”

In totality, the country got a 5 in terms of well-being, an ecological footprint of 1.1 global hectares per person and 26 percent in the inequality of outcomes.

United Nations data bared that Filipinos’ life expectancy is at 67.9 years.

For 2016, Costa Rica was hailed as the happiest place on Earth with an HPI score of 44.7. 

Following the lead are Mexico, Colombia, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Panama, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Thailand, Ecuador, Jamaica, Norway, Albania, Uruguay, Spain, Indonesia and El Salvador.

The report has found out that wealthy western countries which are usually regarded as “standards of success,” did not ranked well on HPI.

Nic Marks created the HPI and was introduced first by the NEF in 2006. AJRSP