Pres. Duterte to CJ Sereno: Would you rather I declare martial law?

Pres. Duterte to CJ Sereno: Would you rather I declare martial law?
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"Yan ang mabigat na problema ko... Hindi ako gago. If this continues, pigilan mo ako, o di sige... Or would you rather that I declare martial law?" Duterte said after Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno wrote him a letter as regards the 7 judges that Duterte named in his list of alleged coddlers of drug dealers.

Basing on the statement of Pres. Duterte, there is a possibility of him declaring martial law if the judiciary will get in the way of his ongoing war against illegal drugs.

Duterte added, "Pinapatay ang mga Pilipino. I grieve for the so many women raped, men killed, infants raped, tapos ipitin mo ako? I have to clean."

Duterte likewise raised the likelihood of requesting individuals from the official branch to overlook the requests of the legal.

"Do not create a crisis because I will order everyone in the Executive Department not to honor you," Duterte said.

Duterte likewise went after President Benigno Aquino III and the past organization. 

"There was a slaughter going on. And mind you, you were appointed by the government there in your office as Chief Justice at that time na walang ginawa ang gobyerno," Duterte said.

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Source: GMA News