We do not condone and will never condone any unlawful killings –Yasay

We do not condone and will never condone any unlawful killings –Yasay
Photo by Aaron Favila
According to Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr, the current administration does not condone unlawful killings in its current war against drugs and crime as it strongly adheres to and respect the upholding of human rights.

Yasay addressed the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington that the administration is keen on establishing a corruption- and criminality-free government.

“We de not and will never condone any unlawful killings, and Philippine authorities have been instructed to immediately look into these incidents and bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said. “In the book of President Duterte and in my book, extrajudicial killing has no place in our society.”

However, the steadily rising death toll related to the war on drugs waged by President Duterte has also given rise to the concerns in the international community, especially in the US and the United Nations.

In his speech, Yasay emphasized that it is the government’s commitment to fully respect human rights and uphold the value and dignity of every person. “We will not veer from this,” he said, adding that law enforcement agencies are legally bound to procedures and strict operational protocols. 

Meanwhile, the president has made it clear that law enforcement authorities can apprehend criminals and can use force if their lives are threated. Yasay also lamented that the “extensive media coverage on the Philippines’ war on drugs and corruption is not lost on us.”

The war against drugs, according to him, is a process that involves stopping the illegal drugs suppy, curbing demand, and putting drug offenders behind bars to undergo rehabilitation. ASCS

Source: Philstar