Facebook account of anti-Mocha Uson petitioner now down

The initiator of a petition against Mocha Uson’s blog to be suspended on Facebook received payback online especially from people who decoded his personal Facebook account and reported it.
According to reports, the petitioner named as Paul Quilet , his note on the said petition page caused his Facebook account to be suspended around 10:30pm on Monday, October 24.
The petition already accumulated 30,755 as of October 25, describes Uson as a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte who uses her Facebook page to spread fabricated and false information about current issues in the Philippines and creates a bigger gap between those who support the current administration and those who serves as critics of it.

SUSPENDED. Image of Paul Quilet from Twitter.

“Everyone is free to express what they want. But problems arise when this fundamental right is used to manipulate and condition the public, when it is exploited to serve anyone's purpose, when it is used as a shield against accountability,” Quilet quoted in a recent update on the petition.
Quilet also stressed the purpose of petitioning to close Mocha Uson’s blog was not just about Mocha Uson.
He explained further this was a “war against ignorance and against our twisted and malevolent view of human rights."  A fierce debate on free speech has sparked because of his petition.
Quilet’s Facebook account remained suspended as of posting.
Source: Rappler