Fisherman’s son draws “Tatay Digong” portrait

A fisherman’s son from Mindanao has able to reach the aisle of Malacañang Palace through his Presidential portrait entitled “Tatay Digong.”
The name behind the viral portrait is Macky Bongabong, a son of a fisherman from Sangali, Zambaoanga City.
In an interview, Bongabong narrated his story that he grew up with an appreciation for the arts, despite having no formal education or training on it.
On his early years, Macky Bongabong joined almost all of the art competitions in his school and in their town, and even dreamed of going to other places to compete. Every time he won, he would always hand his cash prize to his mother, to provide for the family.
Photo from King Rodriguez Facebook Account

To pursue his art career, he moved to Davao City, painted and sold jeepney sign cards at the sidewalks and was paid for a daily basis.
Due to his hard work and determination, Bongabong was able to rent a space in a shopping mall in Davao City, then later moved to a bigger mall.
The biggest project came to his life when the Office of the President made request for him to draw a portrait.
At present, his masterpiece hangs on the wall of Malacañang Palace.
In Facebook post, he expressed his thanks to the President who we calls Tatay and “Who would have thought a boy, just sewing fishing nets by the port, skin burnt by the sun, would later be a part of Philippine history, his artwork hanging beside the works of Fernando Amorsolo and other national artists?”
Source: Rappler