Online Petition to Shutdown Rappler Facebook Page on Change.Org Started by Netizen

Yesterday, October 26, a netizen started an online petition to shutdown Rappler's Facebook Page at Change.Org. As of writing this article, the petition has already 5,775 supporters and still need 1,725  to reach 7,500.

Read what Jack Ong wrote in his petition: "They are delivering an irresponsible journalism. They are into destabilization & sensationalism rather than journalism. The basics of who, what, why, when, where and how are no longer supplied. No wonder why The Manila Times & PTV's news, same with CNN Philippines' articles are more believable than their misleading stories. Their focus is on violence, negativities vested by monstrous interests and they search for any explosive story they can find profittable. The perception of Filipino people to the new administration was skewed to negative because of lies & biased news. Why won't they report those abnormalities done by LP & Aquinos? Only means, they belong to the oligarchs & corrupt gov't. They are manifested by biases & just concerned for profits. Some stories that related to them are just ignored because it would harm the corporate sponsors. They are corrupting our minds.

They are more about psychological warfare, indoctrination, programming the audience to think in a certain pattern. They are as effective as all the other international media in this. It works. They manage to portrait the new administration & Duterte as villain, madman and dictator. On the other hand, their favourites are presented as sober, sensible and with a criticism of these that may sound "objective", but in reality is supportive, since it maintains the image of media as "factual" and presenting the truth in all cases. It is smart but pathetic.

They have been destroying the moral structure and the exceptionalism of the Filipino way of life, one nation secured by rights given to us by the law that secures our freedoms. They destroy family & moral structure, they create crisis leading readers to think that we are governed by despotism.

They remove 'fair & square' for liberalism, moral relativism and secular humanism, and they become sheep guided by the ego. They feed on ridicule and are blinded by a false sense of superiority. They use secular humanism and concupiscence to stroke the ego. They are not building a good government. They are building their own prison.

They are the worst political machinary has been created against the new administration. Thy want us to simply believe by lies. Hell no! They want us to start coup & anti-gov't petition which will never happen. They create propaganda, lies to justify that there are killings done by the new gov't.

As what Pope Francis said, "Fear mongering, gossip, rumors and generalization are bread and butter to the media". We've always known their news. They are using lies to cause rebellion & anger towards a person with no crystal clear proofs. It is already embedded in their news culture the sense of crab mentality. No matter how good the new gov't is, if there's just a little, insignificant hole in the wall, they would go rush reporting that one bullcrap hole. Someone paid them to mobilize such destabilization & only the oligarchs, drug lords & Liberal Party can fund with enormous budget to discredit the popularity & deeds of the president so it will certainly be written in the annals of world history just like what traitors did to Marcos.

They are second of the worst enemies of the state, the firsts are particularly those who persisted to cling in the shadow of the past & still hungry with power. They collaborate once again with organized underground group along with CHR, siphoning millions of money from drugs cartels, private agencies, companies with an intention to demoralize the current administration, criminals and corrupt government officials just like Robredo, De Lima & other LP senators. This battle will go on, unrelentingly until they will completely destroy. But first we want to taste a freedom of goodwill from God, where good is prevailing over evil. We will continue posting the achievement of administration that they had failed to publicize against their destablization. We will continue to correct their bad plans, falsehood & sensationalized articles. They are just about sales, not about truth. They show us articles & images they think will lure us, and use words to brainwash the ordinary people. I suggest that they must do a proper research. Don't state opinions when writing an article. Don't destroy the image of the government." - Jack Ong wrote on his petition at Change.Org

So how about you? Will you be one of those netizens who want to support this petition?