Phl bet on boos after taking Trump: My answer, my conviction won’t change

Binibini Nicole Cordoves almost brought home the Miss Gran International crown after being booed on stage after taking Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton during the pageant’s final question and answer portion held in Las Vegas, October 25 (Las Vegas time).
Cordoves, who won first-runner up, said she is firm in her answer even if it was unacceptable among those who witnessed the beauty pageant love in Las Vegas Tuesday night.
“I won’t change a thing about my answer. I made my stand I think I delivered my message perfectly clear,” Cordoves expressed on Nelson Canlas report aired in “24 oras.”

She added that she’s really happy that she was able to express what she wanted to say and it’s her conviction, and played the game the way she answered questions.
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Asked which presidential bet she preferred to stop the war and violence, Cordoves said she would pick Trump.
“I would choose Donald trump to stop the war and violence with me…What if we use his voice to actually do good for the world? What if we use that to our advantage?” Cordoves explained as she tried to speak amidst the boos that she pulled.

Source: GMA Network