Prominent Political Science Professor claims the ‘yellows’ are desperate to silent him together with Mocha

De La Salle University’s Political Science Professor Antonio Contreras, a supporter of President Duterte claimed that he received threats and experienced cyber-bullying from people who he believed are ‘yellows’ on Monday, October 24.
Contreras quoted he would not reveal these people but would only name the color of their political affiliation.
Moreover, he said that a blog was made by one of these people which purpose is to condemn him for plagiarism acts.
Further, he also said that these people are standing up against him on Twitter, while some were brave and vocal enough to send him message privately.
Contreras also reported that a man named Jose Bonifacio has been sending emails his colleagues, and students in La Salle which states their demand to be censured.
“All of these constitute cyberbullying,” Contreras wrote.
Composite photos from AstigPH and ABS-CBN News
He stressed he is now in the belief that these people are now desperate in their obviously unsuccessful attempt to expel President Rodrigo Duterte.
“I have news for them. They can try, but I am going to make sure they will fail,” he said.
Read full statement of Mr. Antonio P. Contreras:

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