Zika virus can be sexually transmitted, DOH claims

Department of Health Spokesperson, Asec. Eric Tayag announced the mosquito-borne disease Zika Virus can also be sexually transmitted, October 31.
“Primarily, it’s mosquito-borne disease, but there’s sexual transmission, so if men get infected, they can give it to their sexual partners,” Asec. Tayag exclaims in ANC’s Headstart.
Tayag added the latest information claims virus stays longer in semen since the incubation is as short as three to then days.
Once affected by this mosquito-borne disease, a male individual will have to abstain or use condoms in the period of six months to prevent sexual transmission, Tayag further said.
Screen grab from ABS CBN

Physician’s consultation is what Tayag recommends especially those conceiving couples residing in areas where there had already been reported cases
For the record, 19 cases of Zika are already confirmed in the Philippines- 12 in Western Visayas, three in Metro Manila, and one in Central Visayas.
Source: ABS-CBN News