WATCH: Ben Tulfo calls young Anti-Marcos protesters “Brats”

The left and right protests to revert the Marcos burial are conducted by younger generations from the famous and elite universities in Metro Manila.

Ben Tulfo in his segment unfiltered aired last November 21 gave his sentiment that he can’t understand why the yellow cannot accept the Marcos burial.

Tulfo also said that the young protesters are those rich kids from the university belt.

“The rich or the brats are those sons and daughters of wealthy people in the country, however they do not want to be called as brats,” Tulfo said.

He bluntly said that these brats are the ones who study in Ateneo De Manila University and they pretend that they know what Martial Law was.

“Let me tell you this, back in 1970s, your parents rich brats, are still in their teen years like me. You rich brats are still in their testicles those time, so what do they know? What do you know? If they are 50 now, they must be 10 years old back then, and they cannot be knowledgeable in Martial Law,” Ben reiterated.

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Ben said that the rich kids who are studying in Ateneo act as if they know a single piece of Martial Law because of the books their library has and the education given by their professors.

“If your grandfather or grandmother is the one who educates you I am sure they would say that mga anak noong panahon ni Marcos, mas disiplinado ang tao,” Tulfo exclaimed.

According to his experience, if he would choose between the Martial Law and the yellow administration, he will go for Martial Law because the two yellow administration didn’t do anything essential at all.

[Source: Ben Tulfo Unfiltered]