Duterte: Encounter with God is just a joke

President Rodrigo Duterte announced his encounter with God that made him promise to stop cursing is just a joke on Friday, November 4.

Duterte in his speech during an event held by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines said only fools would believe his joke, “Ang mga buang, naniwala rin. Hindi naman ako Bar topnotcher pero hindi naman ako ganoong kagago.”

He also quoted that his favorite activity in Davao was to tell all kinds of joke.

In an interview last week, he narrated his encounter with God while on his way back home from Japan wherein God told him to promise stop cursing, otherwise the plane would crash.

The president claimed he was able to talk to God that time and made promise right after.

Duterte has been popularized through his cuss words in between speeches and criticizing US and President Barack Obama.

When proclaimed as the newly elected President Duterte vowed to “metamorphose” and stop being unrefined.

Last June 3 he emphasized “I am not the president [yet]. Mamaya na, maghintay kayo. I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my time as a rude person. I am not the president. If I die tomorrow, what are they talking about?”

Duterte conclude that when he will become the president, when he will take his oath of office, he will conduct more in keeping with the dignity of the office.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]