Duterte to focus next in addressing abuse against women and children

The Filipino people seem to be satisfied with President Rodrigo’s performance in curbing illegal drugs but he will not stop there.

In his message before departing for Lima, Peru yesterday, November 17, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he will focus next on cases of child abuse and violence against women.

“Cases of child abuse, sexual or battery are on the rise and crimes against women are increasing a bit. I think we really have to talk to the [Department of Social Welfare and Development],” Duterte said in his speech.

He added that this information came from a briefer however statistics were not mentioned.

Dutered narrated a case where a two-year-old child was beaten to death after being left under the custody of cousins while her mother was working in the Middle East.

He further exclaimed that these cases are disturbing, for a human being who cannot defend himself to die in a brutal manner through negligence and together with the government, he will do something about this.

Duterte believes that there are many cases when children are being left by parents in the care of relatives to earn outside the country.

“And in not a few incidents, their hard work becomes all for naught when their children end up abused or dead back home. Some children of overseas workers also end up addicted to drugs,” he added.

He remarked that these are the things people should balance, their hard work and killing themselves to work might go to waste.

The President also said that Filipino workers are treated brutally in the Middle East.

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During his term as Davao City mayor, Duterte told his experience to fly to Saudi Arabia to seek help for five Filipinos who had been arrested by the religious police there for giving out rosaries.

[Source: Inquirer]