FDA warns public to not use 10 unregistered cosmetic products

Manila, Philippines - The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) warned the public to avoid using 10 unregistered cosmetic products, November 2.

FDA Philippines
Photo from Nurseslabs

The products declared were the following: Dane Papaya Extract Soap Super Active Skin Whitener, Verdon Shine Keratin Hair Spa Milk Essence, A Bonne Milk Powder Lightening Lotion Plus Collagen, Hanzhixiu Colour Cream (E-15 Grape Red), Hanzhixiu Permanent Hair Colorant (A-18 Golden Red), Professional Skin Care Formula Collagen with Elastin Cream, Asudjor Extra Whitening Armpit Cream and Deodorant, Malunggay Facial Toner, Malunggay Peel-Off Mask and Placenta Original Soap.
In its advisory, FDA mentioned ““The manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, sale, offer for sale, transportation, promotion and/or advertisement of these noncompliant products is in direct violation of Republic Act No. 9711.”
The FDA further explained they should be a notified by a licensed cosmetic distributor or manufacturer before their distribution in the local market.
“However, if a cosmetic product has not been verified by FDA as in the case of these unnotified products, [their] use may pose potential health hazards to the consuming public. The FDA cannot guarantee their quality and safety,” the agency quoted.
In addition, potential hazards may come from ingredients that are not allowed to be part of a cosmetic product or from the contamination of heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
An order has been delegated to DFA field regulatory officers to monitor and get rid of the products in the market.

Source: Inquirer