Final plea to stop Marcos hero’s burial, on going

Despite the pouring cold rain, at most 100 protesters boldly made their final petition to Supreme Court justices to vote opposing the arranged hero’s burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, November 4.

Final plea to stop Marcos hero's burial
Photo from GMA News Facebook Page

Together with their signage that condemns Marcos, the protesters clothed in white also lit candles in front of the high court, to cast their vote on November 8 regarding the Marcos burial.

President Duterte is continuously pushing the burial however at least eight votes are needed to stop it.

In a statement made by Barry Gutierrez, counsel for one of the petitioners, he exclaimed “We pray the justices remember the sacrifice of everyone who died fighting the Marcos dictatorship and decide against the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.”

"Giving the late dictator a hero’s burial is not only a disservice to history but an insult to those whose lives we lost to early under Marcos rule."

Also, the group emphasized that a “yes” vote for the burial will bring injustice to the victims.

Duyan ng Magiting Coalition, Akbayan Youth, Akbayan party-list, the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, the Ateneo Sanggunian, QC Unite, and Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan protesters were present in the said gathering.

Setting aside the presidency of Marcos, Duterte believes he deserves to be buried since he was also a soldier.

Martial law Victims and rights groupstood firm that only those who can serve as an inspiration and as models for emulation can be buried at the military shrine, citing Republic Act 289 as basis, opposing Duterte’s decision.

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According to the government, it has been clarified that Marcos will not be considered as a “hero” as it imposed the "dark pages of history during Martial Law," where thousands had been killed and jailed for criticizing the dictatorship.

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The People Power revolution occurred in February 1986 made Marcos to step down from his presidential throne, and expired in Hawaii in 1989 while in exile.

[Source: GMA Network]