Grand rally: is it or not?

In relation with opposing views of people regarding the recently held Marcos’ burial, groups and organizations decided to conduct grand rally on November 25.

However, a photo uploaded in a Facebook account under Vivian Velez shows an aerial view of the called “grand rally” in Luneta Park, Manila yesterday.

“Grand rally at the Luneta Park dubbed as ‘National Day of Unity and Rage’ waiting for the tri-media on how they’ll report this,” Velez said in her caption.

Roland Chua also commented that “They openly display of influencing and encouraging motives of the priests and nuns to the young generations reveals and regrets their  evil mind, truly evil spares no one. Sad but truth.”

France Romualdez also commented that the few numbers of people who attended will blame everything and everyone for the low turn-out and will never accept that they are nothing more than noisy minority.

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Earlier news said that around 15,000 to 20,000 people are expected to attend the grand rally.

The said post reached 2,600 reactions and 2100 shares.

[Source: Facebook]