Krizette Chu: De Lima is not a feminist, but a palinist

After Senator Leila de Lima affirmed the long-running rumor that she was once in a romantic affair with her former driver Ronnie Dayan yesterday, netizens went interactional over the announcement.

Krizette Laureta Chu was one among the people who boldly expressed their opinion about the issue.

“De Lima is not a feminist, but a palinist,” Chu opened her sentiment.

Chu added fake feminist is the double standard people refuse to acknowledge and feminism only when it suits you or is convenient to you.

“The feminism our grandmothers fought for is not Leila de Lima’s brand of feminism. There’s actually a term for that: PALINISM. Yes because De Lima is not Miriam Defensor Santiago. She’s Sarah Palin,” Chu continued her opinion.

According to Chu the term palinist and palinism was patterned after Sarah Palin, which is defined as taking advantage of feminism for personal gain without supporting the rights of other women, and it is using feminism as a way out.

Chu concluded her post through an advice for the people who are with De Lima that not because she’s a woman, people should also think for a deeper context because some could barely understand.

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Krizette’s post became viral and reached 2,300 reactions and 364 shares on Facebook.

[Source: Facebook]