Mocha Uson says De Lima is the mother of all lies

Columnist and avid Duterte supporter Mocha Uson once again slammed Senator Leila De Lima in her Hotspot corner published in Philippine Star, November 22.

In her column, Uson pointed out that De Lima’s reputation is not clean as what she claims for she denied the accusation of President Rodrigo Duterte that she once had a romantic affair with her driver Ronnie Dayan.

“For me, if lying to people is so easy with Sen. De Lima, how many more lies could she be hiding? She even used her being a woman to defend herself from critics,” Uson exclaimed.

Mocha also said that De Lima is not consistent in describing herself as strong because she didn’t resist the temptation to be involved with a married man.

The blogger believes that the highest level of lying is not lying to other people but it is lying to oneself to the point that one isn’t aware that he/she is already lying, and that makes De Lima to be the perfect example.

In her column, she also highlighted that mainstream media can be biased since almost all Filipinos believe that it was the late President Ferdinand Marcos who ordered the assassination of Ninoy Aquino.

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“Some of us still believe that but if we think about it, how is it that two Aquinos became President and yet the mastermind of Ninoy’s assassination is still unknown?” Mocha added.

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Mocha ended her column where she expressed her curiosity if the wife of Satan could be De Lima.

[Source: Philstar]