Mocha Uson to start writing in Philippine Star column

Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 8, The Philippine STAR will welcome Mocha as a columnist, not in the Entertainment Section but in the Op-Ed Section. Her column will be called Hotspot according to Ricky Lo’s column on Philippine Star on Sunday, November 6.

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Ricky Lo explains in his column that under the Philippine Constitution, Mocha has a right to free speech" and so she is given a bigger and much more reputable avenue.

Mocha’s soon to be spot in the said newspaper creates mixed emotions from the netizens.

Irish Christianne said in her tweet, “Mocha Uson is now a @PhilippineStar columnist. She who promotes hatred for mainstream media, who says the word journalist with disgust.”

Rod Magaru quoted “PhilippineStar tagline: TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL. Now they hire Mocha Uson. I think they should change to, ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL except page X."

“Congrats, Manny! In other news, Mocha Uson is gonna be a Philippine Star columnist starting November 8. This is gonna be interesting,” Jero Contreras quoted.

The biggest reaction came from Regina Belmonte, the grand daughter of Philippine Star founder Betty-Go Belmonte, and also a columnist in Philippine Star.

In her Twitter account, Regina posted her text message to her father saying “are we seriously getting that reprehensible human being Mocha Uson as a columnist? Why are we giving garbage a platform to mislead the country?”

Regina also explained that even though their family has sold their majority stake in Philippine Star, it still has a special place in her heart.

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Meanwhile, in Mocha’s Facebook post 14 hours ago, she boldly expressed her feelings “Mam I'm sorry if you don't like me. Ako po ay HINDI JOURNALIST and I don't deserve to be part of your Family's Newspaper at isa sa natutunan ko po sa buhay ay eto , "all come from dust, and to dust all return". Hindi po ako kapit tuko sa kahit ano mang bagay, tao o kalalagayan sa buhay. At kung nais po ng pamunuan ng Philippine Star na ako po ay hindi magtuloy I WILL STILL BE GRATEFUL for being considered to write and express the cry of the ordinary people.”

She further said she will not have any bitterness towards Regina and the paper because her family owns it.