Netizens create petition to replace images on the 500-Peso bill with Ferdinand Marcos

The Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNB) brings a lot of ideas to the Filipino Netizens.

Photo from Kuya Erwin Tol Facebook Page

An edited version of the 500-peso bill discarding the Aquino couple’s image replaced with the late President Ferdinand Marcos went viral after the Supreme Court ruling to allow Marcos’ burial.

The said photo was posted by a Facebook Page “Kuya Erwin Tol” with the caption “Agree ba kayo na dapat na rin bang palitan ang limang daan? Hindi naman hero ang mga Aquino. Di hamak na mas madaming napagawa sa bansa si Ferdinand Marcos kaysa kanila.”

This post made netizens to respond positively and encouraged people also to agree on revising the 500-peso bill.

However, some of the netizens also opposed the idea that Marcos is a hero.

In an interview of Philippines Uncensored with Atty. Larry Gadon, on Tuesday, November 8, he also expressed his will to change the image of the 500 peso bill and boldly labeled Ninoy Aquino as “not a hero”.

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It can be recalled that earlier this month, another online petition to rename again the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to its original name Manila International Airport (MIA) also caught the attention of the social media community.