Noynoy makes way for other voices against Marcos burial

Former President Benigno Aquino III hesitated to voice his opinion with regards to the secret Marcos burial Friday noon, November 18.

PNoy on GMA News TV’s Balita Pilipinas quoted: "Through the decades, I have been very clear as to what I thought of Mr. Marcos' misrule. I believe now I should listen and give way to our people's voices

Abi Valte, the former president’s spokesperson said in a separate released statement that the former president believes, at a time like this, it is fitting that we hear the voices of others, learn their stories, the persons behind the statistics, their loved ones lost to the regime of Martial Law and they should never be forgotten.

The secret burial happened ten days after the Supreme Court finally decided to allow Marcos burial over 9-5 votes.

In 2010, Aquino was seated as the president and boldly said that the Marcos burial will not happen during his term.

PNoy stepped down from his seat in June 2016 and he was considered as one of the biggest critics of the Marcos administration.

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After the 1986 People Power Revolution that ousted the former President Marcos, Noynoy’s mother Corazon “Cory” Aquino took the presidential seat.

[Source: GMA News]