President Duterte to attend APEC in Peru

Manila, Philippines - The President Rodrigo Duterte is now on his way to Lima, Peru to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Summit.

In his speech before he left the country, President Duterte quoted five things he will point out about the country which are improvements in doing business; more efficient and responsive governance; massive investment in new infrastructure; focus on rural development and; increase investment in human capital.

“On my APEC message, I will say that the Philippines is open for business,” Duterte said.

He added that he will highlight government policy support as well as the government’s effort to solve corruption and criminality.

Duterte believes that corruption and criminality shield resilient economy as well as inclusive and continued growth.

“Your government is working very hard to make sure our economy will take flight finally, I really hope so kase nasa runway pa tayo hanggang ngayon,” he exclaimed.

The president hopes to have a two to four bilateral meetings that include Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, communications Secretary Martin Andanar said a meeting with US President Barack Obama is not a priority of Duterte.

“Whether they talk or not, what is important is that the president will be able to meet and introduce himself to the other leaders,” Andanar added.

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The President may also meet Facebook Executive Officer and founder Mark  Zuckerberg.

[Source: Inquirer]