Ramos resigns as special envoy to China, Duterte confirms

President Rodrigo Duterte announced he received Former President Fidel Ramos’ resignation letter as the government’s special envoy to China on Tuesday, November 1.

Fidel V. Ramos resigned as special envoy to china
Photo from Rappler

In an interview while visiting his parents’ tomb in his hometown, the President expressed his gratitude Ramos and said he will continue to seek advice from him in the future
“I’d like to thank him for helping me and be of service to his nation,” Duterte quoted.
He also added that he would listen to Ramos’ advice but defended himself that he has his own way of assessing issues.
Duterte further acknowledged the help of Ramos to restore goodwill between the Philippines and China and he’s the one who “broke the ice.”
Last Monday, October 31, Ramos said in an interview with GMA that he resigned as special envoy after Duterte came back from his official visit to China on October 18 to 21 for the reason that the officials had taken over.
Ramos who endorsed Duterte for President became a critic to some of Duterte’s doings. In an article of Manila Bulletin, Ramos emphasized the country was “losing badly” in the first 100 days of the Duterte Administration. Duterte’s act of insulting other counties and entangled in controversies over extrajudicial killings in his remarkable war against drugs has been criticized by Ramos.

Source: Rappler