Rico J. Puno supports Marcos’ burial

Veteran singer and Makati legislator Rico J. Puno expressed his support for the hero’s burial of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos on November 14.

The Makati councilor quoted the rule of law that one is allowed to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) as long as one became a president or a soldier.

“Pagbigyan na natin kasi para matapos na, dapat lahat may ending,” he said.

Rico also added that we should follow the law as what President Duterte said in countless times and he also wish that the unending protests as well as hunger strike will soon come to end.

Meanwhile, Rico likened himself to the president since they are both blunt and straightforward.

He also exclaimed that Duterte amazes him because of the remarkable things he’s been doing.

Rico sighted some of Duterte’s innovation like the clear EDSA and safety of people in the streets.

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He ended his praises saying “Iba ito, ibang klaseng presidente.”

[Source: PEP Ph]