Smoking Draft EO encompasses e-cigarette

Smoking is dangerous to your health.

Draft executive order that prohibits nationwide smoking in all places includes electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, is still on deck to be signed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Eric Tayag told Rappler on November 17 that they are uncertain if the said provision will be included in the President’s will and version.

DOH is alarmed with the recent studies that e-cigarettes or smoking cessation aid became a gateway to conventional smoking.

“These are the possible scenarios: for those who want to quit smoking, e-cigarette is the alternative. Or, younger people initiate smoking via e-cigarette – the gateway to conventional smoking. Or, they use both [traditional cigarette and e-cigarette],” Tayag pointed out.

He explained that this provision do not stop or limit the manufacturing inside the country and added that this is only a warning to think many times before purchasing some because of its harmful effects.

Tayag  said that he is alarmed for this product can now be purchased anywhere, everywhere.

Smoking ban draft EO was patterned after a Davao City ordinance which provides a 100% smoke free environment and designates outdoors and away from public as smoking areas.

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As soon as then President signs the EO, the DOH is ready to implement rules and regulations.

[Source: Rappler]