Some Ilocano shout “Marcos not a hero”

Over 100 protesters from Marcos supporting province staged on Friday, November 25 in opposition with the hero’s burial given to the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Under the pouring rain, these protesters boldly shouted “Haan a bannuar ni Marcos” which is “Marcos is no hero” when translated in English.

The protesters include Martial Law victims from Cagayan Valley Region and their families, militant groups, and youth and student organizations.

Mia Liquigan, Karapatan-Cagayan Valley Chairperson exclaimed that they are not afraid to stage rallies despite the fact that Marcos wins the heart of Ilocanos.

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”We are aware that this is a Marcos-country but we are hoping that they will let us, the protesters use our freedom of expression, as we continue to persuade even for the Marcos loyalists,” Liquigan further said.

According to Liquigan, there were thousands of Martial Law victims in Cagayan Region.

[Source: Rappler]