UP Diliman Faculty condemns Duterte for Marcos burial

President Rodrigo Duterte receives criticism from the faculty members of the University of the Philippines Diliman over the blitzkrieg burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos saying that the fulfilled promise was an inflexible conviction.

“Duterte's campaign promises of pre-people changes remain insubstantial in the face of the only promise he has so far fulfilled with inflexible conviction; the burial of a dictator and criminal as a hero,” members said in a statement on Thursday, November 24.

According to the group, Duterte’s pandering to the Marcos is no different from the inaction of previous administrations that did not do anything to hold the late president and his cronies accountable for the Martial Law crimes.

“Twelve years under two Aquinos, six years under Fidel Ramos, three years under Erap Estrada and nine years under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo did nothing to prosecute any of the Marcoses for their corruption and complicity in the atrocities of the Martial Law era; nor even to give justice to the ill-gotten wealth that the Marcoses' unquenchable political ambitions, but instead they allowed the family to creep back into positions of power without any admission of guilt,” the statement followed.

The group further said that Duterte’s influence to the Supreme Court ruling is the most blatant negotiation of the Filipino people’s sacrifice against oppressor and this could result to return Marcos in to power.

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Duterte was also condemned for his bloody war against drugs saying that in the face of this severe betrayal of the people's will, his anti-corruption platform loses mettle. His war on drugs, which has only resulted in extra-judicial killings of many civilians and innocents, translates his peace and security promises as a vicious attack on the poor and disempowered.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]