VP Leni and Sen. Poe receive an open letter for defending De Lima from netizen

The recently Senate probe turned to a sensational session when legislators asked Ronnie Dayan, ex driver and bodyguard as well as lover of Sen. Leila De Lima about their romantic relationship on Wednesday, November 23.

Amidst this issue, women leaders stood firm and backed up De Lima immediately.

Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Grace Poe received an open letter from a netizen after they pointed out that De Lima was harassed and slut-shamed.

Cheryl Daytec-Yangot posted her sentiment in her Facebook account on November 26 saying that she agrees with Robredo and Poe however these two discriminate people.

“The congressmen were total jerks in asking questions not to surface the truth or untruth about how De Lima used her driver-lover Ronnie Dayan to mulct money from drug lords, but to satisfy their baser prurient instincts, I condemned this earlier than you did. I condemned it as soon as it happened,” Yangot said in her opening statement.

However, Yangot believes that Robredo and Poe discriminate women since they are only concern with this woman who is strong and powerful and being showed to public for her anomalies.

This netizen also pointed out that these two women leaders backed up a woman who robbed the position of a wife and turned his husband to be a cheater for seven years in exchange for De Lima’s pleasure and selfishness.

“Why can’t you use your loud, powerful voice to stand up for one helpless woman who is the ultimate victim, who is actually more #everywoman than De Lima? I od not know her name but she is the wife of Ronnie Dayan,” Yangot said.

She also condemned the women’s right belief of Robredo and Poe since they are making Mrs. Dayan invisible.

“You are doing Mrs. Dayan a monumental disservice. You are spitting on her broken heart. You were elected to alleviate the situation of the marginalized. Why do you do this to her?”  she asked the two.

Yangot shared her reflection from Harriet Beecher Stowe saying that it’s a matter of taking side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done.

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Yangot ended her post tanking Mrs. Dayan since her situation brings out the real color of people.  She added that her voice is not a voice of power however she was able to use it for her.

The said post went viral and reached 2,700 reactions and 1,361 shares.

[Source: Facebook]