VP Leni links electoral protest to Marcos burial

Vice President Leni Robredo links election protest to the hero's burial given to the late President Ferdinand Marcos caused disappointed to the camp of former Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos.

"It is very disappointing and disconcerting that former Rep. Leni Robredo is trying to connect the issue of BBM's [Bongbong Marcos] Election Protest to the burial of his father at the Libingan ng mga Bayani insinuating that the latter is a way of supposedly 'stealing' the vice presidency away from her," Atty. Vic Rodriguez, legal spokesperson of Bongbong said.

Atty. Rodriguez further pointed out that their camp has no idea to steal the vice-presidential post since for them BBM was the rear winner for the vice-presidential seat held last May.

He elaborated that there was a fraud and unprecedented maneuverings was committed which made Leni as the vice-president.

"Having repeatedly asserted that they won the election fair and square, they should be the first to welcome a recount to prove once and for all the truth to their claims. Discrediting the process this early on, are they afraid of a vote recount? Are they afraid to know the truth?" Rodriguez added.

On Monday, November 21, Robredo expressed her concerns that they might be a link between Marcos burial and electoral protests to remove her from her post.

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It can be recalled that during the May elections, BBM lost by a slim number against Lei of Liberal Party.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]