WATCH: Another Marcos loyalist unfolds version of Marcos History

As the Marcos burial remains trending up to date, Marcos loyalists are also vocal in their opinions, and support to the late president.

In an interview by Political Capital, Cherry Cobarrubias, former spokesperson of Imelda Marcos and founder of Marcos Loyalist of God, Country, and People said she was grateful that he finally laid to rest, November 23.

“We’re all crying, shouting, but I said praise god that the truth prevailed, I’ve been praying to God that may he enlighten the mind of the associate justices,” Cobarrubias said.

Cherry believes that the low-key burial was the most practical and most right way to implement the Supreme Court ruling.

When asked if the Ilocanos were supportive regarding Marcos’ burial in LNMB, she boldly said yes since the people love him so much, and happier now that he’s finally there.

“When he declared martial law because during that time that was the height of the cold war, Plaza Miranda bombing, pagpasok ng leftist sa PMA. And because of it, anarchy in the state was gone. We couldn’t have democracy up to now if martial law wasn’t declared,” Cobarubbias answered if he considers Marcos as a hero.

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With regards to the allegations that his medal of honor was fake, Cherry slammed the haters saying “Itong mga nagsasalita against marcos, sila yung mga may kamag anak na nahuli during martial law, sana tignan muna nila kung bakit sila nahuli.”

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Meanwhile, according to the ill gotten wealth case was acquitted, that’s why they went back to the country. He also narrated that Marcos wasn’t given the chance to defend himself against the accusation of ill gotten wealth.

On her closing statement, she said that if Filipinos are Christian enough, they would be able to see the heroism of Marcos since he chose to be ousted than to witness a bloody war among people.

[Source: PSSAP Underground Media]