WATCH! Atty. Larry Gadon: NINOY is not a hero

After SC ruling allowed Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNB), a video uploaded online which went viral talks about Ninoy Aquino is not a hero.

The video contains the interview of Atty. Larry Gadon with GMA News last March 2016.

Atty. Gadon exclaimed he wanted to revise the Philippine History as a step in changing the ideology of the country including its people.

“Gusto kong ituwid yung kasaysayan na nagsasabing hero si Ninoy Aquino, he is not a hero. Kaya tayo nagkakaroon ng maling desisyon politically kase pinaniwala natin ang mga tao na hero si Ninoy, kasi isa yang malaking kasingalingan at kabalbalan” Atty. Gadon said.

Larry also sighted some situations why Ninoy shouldn’t be considered as a hero. He went back and narrated that Ninoy coordinated and tapped Joma Sison together with Bernabe Buscayno to form New People’s Army and that created a big damage to our country.

“Pangalawa, siya lang yung tanging wala noong Plaza Miranda bombing considering that he was the most famous Liberal Party candidate in 1972,” he continued.

He reminisced also when his wife Cory Aquino was elected as President, she immediately released Joma and Buscayno.

When asked if he wants to remove the image of Ninoy in the 500 peso bill, he boldly answered, “Yes, bakit ilalagay ang mukha ni Ninoy doon?”

Looking back when the late President Marcos wanted to win back Saba, Malaysia, Ninoy tapped Teddy Boy Locsin Jr. to create an issue of the Jabidah massacre which eventually came out as a hoax.

“Historically, sa atin ang Saba, tayo sana ang nakikinabang sa mga yaman at langis doon,” Gadon emphasized.

He concluded his interview through stressing that we Filipino people are making mistakes in our political decision because we have been addicted to the idea that Ninoy is a hero.

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“Ng dahil sa desisyong ito, nag elect tayo ng isang napaka incompetent na president, and the only qualification he has is that anak siya ng isang president at isang hero, eh hindi naman siya hero ” Gadon said.

Atty. Larry Gadon tried his luck last May 2016 elections for Senator under Kilusang Bagong Lipunan but wasn’t able to make it, and he is known to be one of the greatest critic of Aquino administration.

Watch the video:

[Video Source: GMA News YT Channel]