WATCH: Enrile says Marcos is a hero

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile backs up the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos sensational burial in an interview posted in a Facebook Page entitled Hashtag Philippines, Wednesday, November 23.

Enrile burst out when the interviewer quoted that Marcos was responsible with all the sins of the past. “That’s generalizing, you said, sins in the post,” Enrile said in anger.

The former senator also said the victims should file cases in the court so that we could see who caused these merciless situations and the trouble with these people is that they are charging without specification.

Going back to history, Enrile turned his back to Marcos during the Martial Law, however he also emphasized during the interview that issue is another story, and it’s all in the past now.

With regards to the recently held Marcos burial, Enrile said Marcos deserves to be buried their.

“Libingan ng mga Bayani is just a characterization of that place, not all the people there are considered heroes.  Whether they are heroes or not, they are entitled to be buried there, it’s their rights to be buried there,” he further said.

In his closing statement, Enrile considers Marcos as a hero because his medal of honor alone can support his heroism.

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“Some people say that it was fake but all of the medals he received, that wasn’t fake. One Medal of Honor is enough to allow you to be buried in that piece of land,” he exclaimed.

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[Source: Facebook]