WATCH: Permanent Yolanda Housing Units in Tacloban remains undone

Nearly three years after typhoon Yolanda left devastation in Tacloban, Leyte, remnants are still evident and noticeable.

Although it’s been three years, there are still families which are not able to move into the permanent shelters or housing projects provided by the government because it is not yet done.
City Housing Department mentioned there are now 2000 families which are now living in the permanent shelters.
In a footage made by UN TV Drone, housing units are not yet structurally complete particularly in Ridge View Area Park 1 and Park 2 located at Barangay Cabalawan.

The target number of units to be constructed in the said site is 2000 but only 989 families are currently living there.
Meanwhile, completed shelters are not yet allowed to be occupied until there is no go signal from the City Engineering Office.
Local Government Unit report says that there are 200 families are still living in the temporary shelters while many are still in the danger zone.
“Our major problem here in Tacloban now is moving these people out of the danger zone to the safe areas, so we are focusing on providing their basic needs to motivate them to move out from there,” quoted by Mayor Christina Gonzales-Romualdez in an interview.
The government targets to move all the 16000 families living in the coastal area by the end of 2018.

[Source: UNTV Youtube Channel ]