WATCH! The truth behind Martial Law, now revealed

The truth about the declaration of Martial Law has been revealed through a video posted in the Facebook Page PSSAP Underground Media.

In the video uploaded on Monday, November 21, the late President Ferdinand Marcos explained little by little on how the Martial Law came to realization.

“I asked the legislators to pass the Martial Law because there was anarchy in the country. At the same time I asked the opposition party to join and offered them half of the cabinet,” said Marcos in his opening statement during his speech.

Marcos added that he asked the advice of the legislators, and judiciary, as well as the private sector on how and who will proclaim Martial Law.

“When I asked these different bodies, they told me that I am the one who could execute Martial Law,” Marcos emphasized.

Marcos back then believed that there was a necessity in proclaiming martial law to install order and stability because of the presence of complete anarchy throughout the country.

He also said that Martial Law was needed because the government back then was impotent, the Armed Forces of the Philippines was immobilized, and chaos were everywhere. People also attempted to burn the US embassy, and kidnapped foreign minister.

In the said video, Marcos in his speech also introduced one of his allies, Luis Taruc, the leader of HUKBALAHAP. He became an ally because Taruc believes in Marcos’ sincerity to promote change and reforms.

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The said video gained 6,400 reactions and 5,597 shares as of November 23, 2016.

[Source: PSSAP Underground Media]