Young woman writes an open letter re: Marcos burial

The controversial Marcos burial keeps on making scenes everywhere since the actual date of burial held on Friday, November 18.

Maria Shantelle Alexis Ambayec, Alecks for short sent an open letter regarding the Marcos burial.

This aspiring theater scholar and a public servant expressed her unapologetic gesture regarding her firm stand on the Marcoses stating in her opening argument that she is not regretful to any opinion she uttered.

“I am tired though. I’m tired of explaining and arguing why it is important to have our voices heard and why criticism is vital in our society. I’m tired of trying to make people understand why Marcos does not deserve to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) and why his projects could never ever make up for all the billions stolen and for all the lives lost. So for now, I just want to say sorry,” Ambayec further said.

Alecks also apologized to the Martial Law victims since leaders weren’t able to protect them because they allowed the burial. She is apologetic for them because their sacrifices went to waste and their history was insulted.

She also slammed the Marcos loyalists and explained that being in the opposition is not equivalent to being pro-Aquino and bayarang dilaw.

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“I’m sorry that when the world showered humanity with cowardice, you caught it all. I’m sorry that you’re so encapsulated by greed that you think it’s okay to steal billions from your people and still have the audacity to demand a hero’s burial for your father. I’m sorry that the word “repentance” seems to get lost in translation in your vocabulary. I’m sorry that you are not human enough to admit your faults, to apologize, and to make up for your mistakes,” Alecks’ message to the Marcos family.

Ambayec ended her letter addressing her numerous bashers. She pointed out that she only stands for what she know is right and she is just exercising her freedom to protect the next generation.

The said open letter was published in Rappler which gained mixed reaction on netizens.