Alan Cayetano: When to believe and not to believe ABS-CBN?

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano condemned ABS-CBN on their recently published article entitled To belive, or not to belive, President Duterte using his Facebook page published on December 14.

Cayetano pointed out that the things ABS-CBN mentioned have been discussed, debunked, and explained.

"You know very well that taking someone seriously and taking someone literally are two different things," he emphasized.

In December 14, writer Agence France-Presse published an article highlighting the unclear thoughts President Rodrigo Duterte said.

This include journalist at fault; death threat; split from US; leaving the UN; respectful; and chat with God.

"Just before taking office Duterte said in June that journalosts could be murdered if they were corrupt but Salvadero Panelo defended him the he does not endorsed and will never endorse EJKs, they being contrary to law," Presse said.

The author also criticized Duterte for joking his Chat with God.

Cayetano slammed directly the media network saying "whats clear is that your timing seems to be perfect, especially when your articoe comes at the heels of calls from VP Leni to unify the opposition and the calls from Loida Nicholas for the President to resign and the VP to take over "

The ex VP candidate also said that the timing of this article is very striking knowing that the President Duterte has done a lot of achievements and working hard in abroad to establish ties.

"When to believe and not to believe ABS-CBN?" Alan concluded his post.

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The said post reached 29000 reactions from netizens and 7698 shares.

[Source: Alan Peter Cayetano]