BBM Camp bangs Comelec incompetence

Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. camp also known as BBM camp, lamented over the gesture of Commission on Elections (Comelec) to blame the former lawmaker for the delay in the return of unused Smartmatic vote counting machines (VCM) on Tuesday, December 13.

BBM camp’s spokesperson Vic Rodriguez said it is unfair to put the blame on Marcos regarding the delayed return of VCMs to the Smartmatic because the Comelec should’ve been prepared for possible filing of case in its contract with the machine provider.

Rodriguez also said the poll body should have provided specification in its terms and conditions that in case an election protest is filed, which could naturally result to delay in the return of the machines.

“This is another example how the Filipino people have again been shortchanged by Smartmatic and Comelec through the many contracts hey have concluded on the conduct of the elections,” Rodriguez emphasized. He added that the Comelec could’ve entered into other contracts to protect the Filipino people.

Chairman Andres Bautista of Comelec earlier announced delivery of some VCMs to Smartmatic was delayed due to the electoral protest file by BBM to the Supreme Court.

The said delay according to Bautista may cost P2 billion because of the options to purchase provision in the contract that the Comelec agreed with Smartmatic.

Rodriguez on the other had pointed out that this is the lapse of Comelec since they didn’t see an electoral protest coming so it is the right of the Filipino people to witness a recount.

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He is also alarmed regarding the confirmation of Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon that the implementation of the option to purchase will be conducted in a closed-door meeting with Smartmatic.

[Source: Manila Times]