Columnist: Robredo is being used by people who are not satisfied with the Duterte Administration

A columnist slammed the political party of Vice President Leni Robredo in an article published in a news portal entitled Concept Central amidst the national scene she made after her resignation as cabinet member.

Powee Capino the writer of the column entitled Let’s not kid ourselves emphasized the Vice President is the most logical person to hold the symbolic title after all since that was her role even before her resignation as housing secretary.

Capino mentioned that there is a silent distrust and discomfort inside the Malacañang because Robredo may leak out confidential discussion that the Liberal Party, Robredo’s political party may criticize.

The article revolved on the Liberal party using Leni to represent them, not because Leni wanted it but for the will of the political party.

“It’s probably a good thing that the resignation happened so that the Vice President can now freely and publicly express the political messaging that is relayed to her. She can now be put in the spotlight and become the figurehead of those who are generally dissatisfied with the performance of the President. She can now say to the public what she has long been saying and she can even add more things she resisted from divulging now that the political ties have been cut and made clear,”the columnist added.

In the said article, Powee also said the LP has been actively participating in Anti-Duterte protests condemning his outstanding accomplishments.

“These are groups and individuals who have long been skeptical of the President and assail Duterte’s performance consistently an. They see Robredo as a solution to their problems if there is abrupt change of power in the government,” he added.

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The writer also remarked that the resignation of Robredo will be her political base for her if she has plans to run in 2020.

[Source: Concept News Central]