Contreras defends Uson, Sasot, and Thinking Pinoy

Political Science Professor Antonio Contreras firmly defended Duterte Administration avengers and loyalists using his column published in Manila Times on December 15.

In his article entitled Hypocrisy’s war with Uson, Sasot, and Thinking Pinoy, Contreras said these three is a formidable trio that gives the yellow apologists and the Duterte haters unending headaches.

Contreras first highlighted Mocha Uson, a music performer who possess a well shaped body but figured as a caricature of pornographic materials which the yellow is using to discredit her ideas about Duterte.

“I NEVER thought they would be so petty. But then again, it appears that there is no limit to how low they are willing to go just to paint Mocha Uson as a caricature. Someone posted a meme of Mocha dining at Cibo to make it appear that she is inauthentic, that she could not effectively represent the masses if she could afford to eat there,” Contreras quoted.

The professor also said he experienced dining at CIBO however, he didn’t find it as a privilege experience. It can be recalled that pro yellow is also using this Cibo issue to detest Mocha Uson.

In addition, Contreras is positive that the social media pages of Mocha Uson, Sass  Rogando Sasot, and Thinking Pinoy are influential to netizens, that hurt a lot not only Maria Ressa, but also elitists whose politics is enabled by the kind of truth-peddling and facts-deploying which include the mainstream media, Rappler, Inquirer, and ABS-CBN.

“Mocha, Sass and Thinking Pinoy defy attacks based on stereotypes for the simple reason that they possess in them a vast arsenal of counter-narratives that when deployed can mortally wound any hypocrite,” he said.

Amidst their might to break the mainstream media, these three people are experiencing humiliation. Mocha is being accused of pretentiousness and slut-shamed. Sass Rogando Sasot is belittled for her sexual identity as trans-gendered Filipina. And Thinking Pinoy is attacked for being unaccountable.

However, according to Antonio, Mocha is better than De Lima because she didn’t tag herself to a former married alalay, Sass has a big bag of intelligence and academic rigor, and she speaks nothing but the truth. While Thinking Pinoy, is courteous enough to cite his sources unlike any other usual journalist.

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“In the final analysis, it is hypocrisy that binds those who attack Mocha, Sass and Thinking Pinoy,” Contreras said in his final thoughts.

[Source: Manila Times | Anotonio Contreras]