Contreras: Robredo is making scene

After being dismissed from President Rodrigo Duterte's cabinet, Vice President Leni Robredo said she resigned to protect her seat.

This though gathered opinions from political analysts. Antonio Contreras, a Political Science professor said in his blog that there are now several angles being floated around on the real reason of her resignation.

On his column in Manila Times posted on December 10 Contreras quoted "there are those who say she was dismissed for her non-performance and irreconcilable differences like her opposition on the burial of Ferdinand Marcos, attack on Senator De Lima, and planned restoration of the death penalty."

This professor also said however that the most irritating reason is that her allegation that there are attempts to steal the vice presidency from her.

"She is presenting herself as the object of political harassment, a target of a sinister plot to oust her as Vice President and replace her with Bongbong Marcos," he added.

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At the end of his post, Contreras pointed out the her partymares is making a battlecry to protect leni and  they fear about the return of marcoses to power.

[Source: The Manila Times / Antonio P. Contreras]