Diokno says next anti-Marcos campaign aims to educate the younger generation

After her resignation as National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) chairperson, Maria Serena Diokno is now starting her battle with what she calls historical revisionism.

In an interview on Wednesday before the grand anti-Marcos rally, Diokno said that her next focus would be educating the youth about what really happened during the Martial Law.

“I’m going to work with some groups to go around schools to talk and discuss. Not so much lecture, but discuss, listen how to young people think, which I think is important,” Diokno added.

The ex-chairperson also said she has fellow historians and other social scientists who want to join her and they will surely push it through. She further thinks that the said activity will be interesting and exciting.

Earlier this week, Diokno handed in her resignation last Tuesday as a sign of protest against the hero’s burial given to the late President Ferdinand Marcos. In her letter, Diokno clearly stated that she will join the huge protest organized by the Coalition Against Marcos Burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayai at the People Power Monument along EDSA.

Diokno emphasized that she wants young people to think critically, to analyze so that the younger generation will not easily believe in anything they might hear.

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Protesters believe that the hero’s burial given to the late Marcos is a sign of redeeming the Marcos family name and revise history using their own version.

[Source: Rappler]