Dutere negates military alliance with Russia

President Rodrigo Duterte confirms that he has no plans yet of establishing military alliance with Russia.

In a Russian television network, Duterte said his only plan is to create a closer tie with Russia as well as China to show to the world that he is not limited to few countries, that the President is interactive with the rest of the world.

“The Philippines may not be ready for a military pact with either Russia and China right now,” the president said in the interview.

Duterte pointed out that he is not ready for military alliances because of the existence of treaty signed in the 1950s referring to the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) between the United States and Philippines.

“But I’m ready to cooperate with my new friends, China and Russia, to make this more peaceful,” he added.

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Earlier, the President has been very vocal in his opinion to the US for its condemnation of his war on drugs which makes him want to cut ties with America and shift to China and Russia.

One US senator threatened the Philippines to block firearms’ purchase for the Philippine National Police, but Duterte addressed it by saying that he will turn Russia or China to purchase the country’s needs.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]