Duterte asks critics what better solution do they have for our country's problems

President Rodrigo Duterte broke his silence on the criticisms that his administration has been receiving as he asked his criticts what plans do they have to solve the problems of our country.

Duterte pointed out in his speech during the Sen. Manny Pacquiao's birthday bash in General Santos city that instead of asking what's happening to our country, these critics should ask themselves of what step are they taking to solve the problems.

"Kung sinasabi ninyo na isang taon lang ako, so be it. Kung mamamatay ako, kung tatanggalin ako, so be it," Duterte said.

The president used a more forceful tone during the past 24 hours after the Millenium Challenge Corp. decided to halt its assistance to the country because of the concerns on human rights violations.

He has lashed out at his usual targets namely the United States, United Nations, and Liberal Party.

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"Ang mga yellow, gusto nila akong tanggalin. Eh di sige, paaningkamot mo (magpursigi kayo)," Duterte added.

[Source: ABS-CBN News]