Duterte: I am old, I am not sure if I will still be around

President Rodrigo Duterte announce on Tuesday during his visit in Phnom Penh that he might not be around until the end of his term and came to realization that wining the presidency at 71 isn’t his need at his age.

The President shared days prior to his official travel that he suffered from back pains, migraines and Buerger’s disease, a cause of blockages in the blood vessels, associated with smoking during his younge years.

“I am old, this is my last hurrah after this, 77, I am not sure if I will be around by the end of my term,” Duterte told the crowd including the Filipino Community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In 2022, the president will be 77 years old and the oldest elected president in the Philippines since the post-war period.

He added he realized it very late that being a president at his age isn’t his need after all.

According to him, he isn’t regretful because he entered into it. However, Digong said at the later part “I realize now - I do not need it at this time of my life. But I tell you, I take pleasure at the end of the day, that's the only consolation, I have a job, I am doing something right."

Meanwhile, Duterte boldly said to his fellow leaders on Monday that he do not fear being ousted from power or assassination because of opposition to the rising death toll in his war on drugs.

[Source: GMA Network]