WATCH: Duterte reacts if Roxas became the president: Kung siya ang president, haynako, patay tayo

President Rodrigo Duterte said to become a president, one should be courageous enough in an interview uploaded by News  5 on December 18 in its Facebook Page.

In the video uploaded, Duterte exclaimed that if either Mar Roxas or Leni Robredo became the president, our country would’ve been at stake.

“Kung si Robredo man yan o Roxas, ay patay. Takot yang mga yan na makasuhan o mamatay,”  Duterte said.

He also added that being the President, one must be ready to die or to be filed against ton of cases in exchange of the power bestowed unto him or her.

“Ang trabahong ito, dapat dika takot mamatay, o makasuhan. Wag ka lang dapat sa Malacañang. Paano kung yung mga sundalo mo, namamatay, sumabog ang mukha,” Duterte also exclaimed.

The President claimed that he himself is a coward but he needed to become courageous for the sake of our country.

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The said video reached 13000 reactions from netizens and shared by 3409 people.