EX-DILG Chief to Meddlers: Stupidity is not an option, people who try to oust the President might be charged with SEDITION

Former Chief of the Department of the Interior and Local Government Rafael Alunan III imparted a message to all negative people trying to plot treason to oust President Rodrigo Duterte on his Facebook post published on December 8.

The ex-DILG highlighted that anyone who is trying to commit sedition to outcast an elected official can be charged with penalties as provided in the Revised Penal Code.

“Any person, foreign, or local, engaged in sedition carries penalties in the Revised Penal Code. A dual citizen inciting abroad breaks new ground. If legally feasible, a case could be filed in the host country, win it there, then seek extradition if a treaty exists,” Alunan quoted.

Alunan also cited the provision of the rule of law for this matter that sedition is committed by persons who rise publicly and tumultuously in order to attain by force, intimidation, or by other means outside legal methods to prevent promulgation of execution of any law or the holding of any popular election.

He mentioned also that sedition is being committed by people who prevent the following: any elected official or public officer to exercise his functions; revenge to any official or public employee; and despoil any political or social end, any person from the government of all its property.

According to him, sedition could cause penalty to the leaders both monetary fine, and imprisonment.

At the end of his post, Rafael III emphasized the plotting treason could be enacted using speeches, proclamations, writings, cartoons, banners, or disturbance or obstruction of any lawful officer in executing his functions.

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The last provision of his article was being agreed by the netizens pointing the Liberal Party doing all these actions to oust the President Duterte.