LOOK: Forbes names President Rodrigo as one of the powerful people for 2016

Internationally recognized Forbes Magazine enlists President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the most powerful people for year 2016.

The President landed in number 70 in the list who was introduced as the former mayor of Davao City and was elected president of the Philippines in May 2016 on the strength of a campaign to fight against criminalities in the country.

"In October, Duterte announced a separation from a century-ong strategic alliance with United States, and plans to realign the Philippines towards China," Forbes further described the President.

The said article also mentioned that Duterte is a person who always say what he thinks, no matter how raw, and makes himself in the headlines like labeling Barack Obama as a son of a whore.

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Meanwhile the top 10 for the most powerful people in 2016 are the following: 1. Vladimir Putin; 2. Donald Trumo; 3.Angela Merkel; 4. Xi Jinping; 5.Bill Gates; 6. Janet Yellen; 7. Bill Gates; 8. Larry Page; 9. Narendra Modi; and 10. Mark Zuckerberg

[Source: Forbes]