Mocha Uson: Is Leni Robredo a puppet or a plotter?

Blogger and columnist Mocha Uson says the opposition group is trying paint the President Rodrigo Duterte as a bad person in their never-ending propaganda in her article published in Philippine Star Hotspot Section on December 13.

The article pointed out that Vice President Leni Robredo is being groomed by Liberal Party to be the next Cory Aquino.

Uson boldly admitted that she used to admire the Vice president when she was still a congressman, but now it seems that she’s either becoming a plotter because of hunger for power and she is a puppet to people who want to stay in control of our country.

“Truth is, I used to admire her when she was still a Congresswoman, but now it seems that she’s either becoming a plotter because of her hunger for power or she’s just a puppet to the people who wants to stay in control of our country. Now that she’s out of the Cabinet, it’s clear that she will head the opposition but that is better than having a spy inside the group trusted by the President. Only time will tell now if Vice President Leni is the plotter, or a puppet,” Uson stressed in her article

The blogger also highlighted the lapses of the vice president which include her no show and non-support for all the programs of the Duterte administration.

‘Where was she when the drug problem was growing rampant in our country and destroying the lives of Filipinos? Where was she when drug addicts are killing and raping innocent children? Where was she when there are politicians and government officials involved in the drug trade? Where was she when the “Laglag-bala” incidents in NAIA are increasing to the point that passengers are covering their baggage, afraid that someone would put a bullet in their belongings. Where was she when a lot of relief goods for Yolanda victims got spoiled? Where was she when the process of the housing projects for the Yolanda victims has been so slow all these years?”

Meanwhile, Mocha expressed his loyalty to President Duterte saying she will not let politicians who only cares for the ordinary people every election to rule this country. She also criticized the politicians who did nothing except to condemn the good things Duterte has done for his 120 days of presidency.

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With regards to the Vice Presidential recount, Mocha urged Leni to stay calm unless she is hiding a secret that could stain her position.

[Source: Philstar | Mocha Uson]