Mocha Uson: Is CBCP anti-Christ?

Among the anti-Marcos protesters, the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has been bold in joining such activities.

Columnist Mocha Uson slammed the CBCP in promoting division in the nation rather than teaching love to everyone in her recent article published on the Philippine Star, Hotspot section on December 6.

In her column, Uson first exclaimed that Christianity is founded on love and it should espouse the doctrine of loving thy neighbor, not judging others, and forgiveness.

“However, the way the Philippine Catholic Church has been acting is the total opposite of what Christianity preaches. It refuses to forgive (Marcos burial issue). It judges Duterte but turns a blind eye on the immorality of De Lima. And it divides instead of unites,” Mocha said.

She also cited the Catholic Church has been so powerful and influential to the growth of the country since the Spanish Colonial Period however, their power seems to be unjust and used incorrectly.

“It’s just saddening to see that the church that is supposed to teach unconditional love is encouraging hate and anger toward a dead person. Yes, the Marcoses should be held liable for the crimes they have allegedly committed but that is the job for the government and not the Church’s. The Church’s purpose should be teaching people about love for God and love for one another. It also says in the Bible,” Uson added.

Mocha also included in her article the trivial post of a DLSU educator who posted about why people should not forgive the Marcoses and answered it using Matthew 6:14-15 which talks about forgiveness.

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The avid supporter of President Duterte remained puzzled if the CBCP are prophets of love or hatred because they seemed to be the opposite of what they are ought to be.

[Source: Philstar]